A HObag named ZANE

foggydress_hobag_zane Remember this gorgeous fabric I instagrammed about? And remember how I started naming my HObags? Just want to make sure you remember everything that has ever gone on in my life. Good. Well look at me I finished her! For some reason the name Zane popped into my head and it stuck. Ok who wants Zane??




foggydress_hobag_zane I was inspired by all the boxy, big envelop clutches that I covet so much. Although it isn’t as stiff as those, it still holds enough shape to appreciate all those straight lines and edgy corners. UGH this print is jut perfect!






foggydress_hobag_zaneI hope you love Zane as much as I do!!

hugs, hanalei.

Yes, Southern California has pumpkin patches!



foggydress_pumpkin ^ ^ nope, that’s not Austin’s nose! It’s a friends…who coincidentally wore matching RayBans.. ^ ^

foggydress_pumpkinI found one! It’s perfectly wrinkly, I love it.foggydress_pumpkinfoggydress_pumpkinfoggydress_pumpkinBrooke L. will appreciate the fact the I FINALLY GOT FUNNEL CAKE this summer  fall.foggydress_pumpkinfoggydress_pumpkin

foggydress_pumpkinfoggydress_pumpkinfoggydress_pumpkinfoggydress_pumpkinfoggydress_pumpkinfoggydress_pumpkin^ ^ DO NOT DROP THAT PUMPKIN! ^ ^

 85+ degree weather here, folks.

hugs, hanalei.

DIY: How to Make Mermaid Fins + a pre-Halloween Party

foggydress_mermaid Over the weekend, my friends and I threw a pre-Halloween party.

We made delicious homemade pizza…

foggydress_mermaid …sewed our mermaid fins (don’t mind my messy sewing desk!)…


foggydress_mermaid  and watched the movie Casper … one of my all-time favorite Halloween movies from my childhood!!

foggydress_mermaid I just love the end of the movie, when Casper is allowed to get his body back, for only a few hours. Awww!! If you want a sweet/scary/sad/happy halloween movie for this year’s party…watch it!

foggydress_mermaid(don’t mind my blank walls…still decorating!)

Now, here’s the tutorial for those fins we made….  Continue reading

How to Make a Perfect Fitting Boyfriend Tee + tutorial

foggydress_boyfriend tee I don’t know why I keep calling this a “boyfriend tee” when really it’s my husband’s, but you get what I mean: a loose, slouchy-fitting top that may or may not have formerly belonged  to a boyfriend/husband/male.

Some people can just throw on a big tee and it somehow looks flawless. But I usually have to make a few adjustments here, sew a little there, before it actually works on me.

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend teefoggydress_boyfriend tee

If you have a sewing machine handy, you can fix those wide shoulders and those longs sleeves to make them more feminine and flattering. More photos & a tutorial after the jump!

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hello weekend & here are some halloween couples costume ideas

I’m excited because we have no weekend plans! Sometimes I love to be anti social, stay in all day, and catch up on Downtown Abbey. Looks like it’ll be one of those weekends.

AKG & I have been invited to an awesome halloween party, and we need a clever costume to wear. Last year I was Hello Kitty, and I tried to convince AKG to go as Dear Daniel (her bf) but he was unwilling to dress up like a kitty. So as much as I am a fan of repeating halloween costumes (I use like the same costume idea for about 3-4 yrs..what??), I need to think of a great, clever, new one. That got me thinking… there are so many couples in stories, movies, and books, who start off with one person, but end up with another. Wouldn’t it be funny to be an unexpected couple??


Pocahontas & Kokoum


Katniss & Galefoggydress_halloween

Harry Potter and Cho Chang???foggydress_Harry-Potter-cho-chang

What are some other “unexpected couples”?? I’m hitting the wall here…all you clever people, help! I need some more ideas!

Have a great weekend 🙂

hugs, hanalei.

Photos: FanPop,FanPop