A HObag named ZANE

foggydress_hobag_zane Remember this gorgeous fabric I instagrammed about? And remember how I started naming my HObags? Just want to make sure you remember everything that has ever gone on in my life. Good. Well look at me I finished her! For some reason the name Zane popped into my head and it stuck. Ok who wants Zane??




foggydress_hobag_zane I was inspired by all the boxy, big envelop clutches that I covet so much. Although it isn’t as stiff as those, it still holds enough shape to appreciate all those straight lines and edgy corners. UGH this print is jut perfect!






foggydress_hobag_zaneI hope you love Zane as much as I do!!

hugs, hanalei.

a HObag named Flora

hobags_florahobags_flora I’ve decided to start naming my HObags.

This one is named Flora for obvious reasons.

(Psst– If you are new to the blog and don’t know what a HObag is, read this)

hobags_flora hobags_flora ^^ (gorgeous fabric) ^^

I picked up this blouse at a thrift store in Utah, when we were visiting family over summer vacation. Since all HObags are made from thrifted clothing/items, I am constantly stopping at thrift stores, espeically when I’m traveling.

hobags_florahobags_flora I made the braided handle out of the sleeves of the blouse. The bottom of the blouse was sewn with a scrunchy border that I almost overlooked, until my Aunt (the seamstress) gestured toward it and asked “will this be the opening of the bag?”

Uhhh…of course!

I am so happy to be surrounded by such creative people.


hobags_flora_foggydressHope you liked this Flora HObag 🙂     -hugs, hanalei

a hexagon-al HObag

I made another HObag!
If you have any old, old fabric that you want to throw out…give it to me! My friend had this^^ wonderful fabric in a “throw away” box, which I immediately snatched up. I thought it turned out pretty cool! I don’t know if you can tell, but there are three opening’s in the top (the corners are sewn together, where the handles are) and the bottom three sides are sewn closed. I love the print and the handle/fabric string that came with it. The hexagon shape is so fun, I might have to make another HObag just like it!


hugs, hanalei

HObags making a comeback



Back in college, I was thrifting one day, and found a grandma-print blouse that I thought would make the best bag. Then, the name came to me: HO bags! My maiden last name is Ho. I wanted to make bags. HObags? HObags! My husband hates the name, but I think it’s hilarious.


It’s been many years since the first HObag was made, but now they’re baaaaack! This one is for my girl, Kenzie 😀 (The blouse + belt were found at Goodwill while we were thrift shopping on Haight Street)


Keep reading for the full tutorial!