Hello Weekend! + how to survive without the internet for one week

When the internet goes out in your home and for some reason the internet company doesn’t get around to actually fixing the problem for a whole week,  don’t start pulling your hair out. Don’t send out a bunch of of hate-tweets because you will probably regret it later (ok I only sent one tweet of anger–it was well deserved). Don’t keep opening your computer every 5 minutes to check & see if it has magically started working again, because it hasn’t and it won’t.

Here are a few ways to survive when you are abruptly cut off from the internet world:
foggydress_tulips1. Take lots of pictures of flowers with your fancy DSLR

foggydress2. Go hiking with your friends ^^

foggydress_hobag3. Make a HoBag

Instead of complaining about how horrible internet companies can be sometimes, I’ll just focus how much I was able to get done without it. Mostly, I am excited about almost finishing up this ^ HoBag. I have a few more seams to sew before she’s finished. Pictures will be up soon!

Have a great weekend, and hopefully you have Labor day off! Let’s not talk about how summer is pretty much over. Actually, what am I saying? Southern California only has two types of weather: hot summer and cold summer. Phew…I am too used to trying to mentally prepare myself for terribly cold winters in San Fran & Utah (ok SF isn’t quite as cold as Utah, but it sure is chilly all year round). You are all welcome to come visit, if you don’t already live here. Summer will be waiting for you.

hugs, hanalei.

You Know Those Days…

You know those days when all that you can see
is the sidewalk lines, and the shadow of the trees?
And every thought you  think somehow makes it hard to breathe,
and every sight you see somehow makes the world blurry…
You know those days when all that you can feel
even when it’s warm outside, is a freezing, goose-bump chill?
And every step you take never fully feels real,
and every soft embrace seems to almost turn to steel…
And then you know those days when you start to see the sun,
when you start to feel warm, and you want to tell someone
that you can breathe again, that your world is not a blur,
and that getting through each day becomes a little easier?
I think we’ve known those days, though we often do forget.
So when a friend is down, we calmly do not seem to fret.
But we should realize that their days feel just as blue
as when we had those days, and so now it’s up to you
to chase away the clouds for this chilly, shady friend
and help them find the sun, so they feel happy, warm again.

WHEN I was in college, writing my heart away on my first blog, I wrote this poem for a friend who was going through something difficult. At that time, I had gone through some struggles myself, and was reflecting on how empathy for one another draws us closer together. Come to think of it, most of those who’re close to me have that characteristic in themselves. I think it is good for me, for us, to empathize with one another. It will help us love more fully and forgive more deeply.

I’d like to share more of my writings here; hope it doesn’t bore!
hugs, hanalei
Photo: Muir Woods Cathedral by Hanalei Gene

on repeat: Royals by Lorde

Let me be your ruler

you can call me

queen bee

and baby I’ll rule

let me live that fantasy.

PS- I also found a great cover of this song, by two cute girls who harmonize like it’s no one’s business. And… a dance!

Make a DRESS from a BIG TEE! + tutorial

foggydress_tee I’m going to be honest here. I love big, oversized tees and sweaters. My PJ’s are just some extra-large printed shirts that I found at the GAP for $5. I sometimes run little errands in them and hope that I don’t run into anyone I know (so far I’ve had great luck with that!). So when I saw this big tee at Walmart for only $3, I of course wanted it for some new bedtime attire. Then I thought, why not sew it into something that is super comfy, but can be “dressed up” (so glad hight waisted belts are in!) so I can actually wear it in public??

foggydress_tee Here’s a fun tutorial on how to DIY your very own Big Tee Dress. Feel free to snooze in it all night long, and then run out to the grocery store in the morning. No one will ever know!


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let’s workout: getting my first gym membership, yipee!


Remember when I had a mini workout room in SF? And miles of breathtaking parks with enchanted Redwood forests (see above) to run through? Sadly, I no longer have either of those things. I found a nice running path last week, but there are no trees to shade me, and the sun just leaves me dripping in sweat. Not that I’m complaining about So Cal weather, because I love it! But when Austin’s school offered a huge discount for LA fitness, I went ahead and got my very first gym membership. Here’s to getting more workouts squeezed into my week!

hugs, hanalei

PS-If you’re reading this at 8:30 am, I am most likely in my first ever cycling class…I hope I come out alive.

Photos of me: by Liz Stanely
Outfit from Old Navy