Sweatshirt Makeover + How to Install a Zipper

foggydress_sweatshirt_makeover We all either have a sweat shirt like this (pictured left) or have seen them around Walmart / Target for $5-$10, am I right? Well for another $3 (zipper), plus a little sewing & cutting, you can give that sweatshirt a MAKEOVER.foggydress_sweatshirt_makeover

I am going to call this a “California Sweatshirt” (can I patent that??) because let’s be honest–we Californians don’t need a sweatshirt even in the wintertime. But we looong to wear one, if only for a change in wardrobe. This one keeps you cool b/c of the sleeves AND the choice to unzip when it’s warm out.

foggydress_sweatshirt_makeoverfoggydress_sweatshirt_makeoverOk did I sell you on the cuteness of the sweater yet??? I love how just cutting off the sleeves gives it a boxy, square look. Not to mention helps it breathe & cools us Californians down a whole lot. The zipper installation was super easy & quick! I decided not to look up how to install a zipper, but instead just looked at a zipper on a dress I have, and attempted to mimic it. I want to learn how to read the construction of clothing and guess what guys…it worked! It may not be the conventional/standard way to install one, but it works perfectly for this sweater. I love the pop of gold it gives it. Ok I’m done obsessing over this sweater –er– tunic… keep reading for the full tutorial!

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Make a Shrug From Your Scarf + Tutorial

foggydress_scarf It has been a typical Southern California winter–a little rainy but not too chilly. A thin shrug is just what I’ve been wanting. Lately I’ve been wrapping my large scarves around my shoulders, but they keep slipping and falling. It finally dawned on me… why not turn it into a shrug? I can still wear it as a scarf anytime! foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarfIt’s so easy to make, it almost doesn’t need a tutorial.foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarffoggydress_scarfSee the full tutorial (and more pictures) after the jump…  Continue reading

How to Make a Perfect Fitting Boyfriend Tee + tutorial

foggydress_boyfriend tee I don’t know why I keep calling this a “boyfriend tee” when really it’s my husband’s, but you get what I mean: a loose, slouchy-fitting top that may or may not have formerly belonged  to a boyfriend/husband/male.

Some people can just throw on a big tee and it somehow looks flawless. But I usually have to make a few adjustments here, sew a little there, before it actually works on me.

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend teefoggydress_boyfriend tee

If you have a sewing machine handy, you can fix those wide shoulders and those longs sleeves to make them more feminine and flattering. More photos & a tutorial after the jump!

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Make a DRESS from a BIG TEE! + tutorial

foggydress_tee I’m going to be honest here. I love big, oversized tees and sweaters. My PJ’s are just some extra-large printed shirts that I found at the GAP for $5. I sometimes run little errands in them and hope that I don’t run into anyone I know (so far I’ve had great luck with that!). So when I saw this big tee at Walmart for only $3, I of course wanted it for some new bedtime attire. Then I thought, why not sew it into something that is super comfy, but can be “dressed up” (so glad hight waisted belts are in!) so I can actually wear it in public??

foggydress_tee Here’s a fun tutorial on how to DIY your very own Big Tee Dress. Feel free to snooze in it all night long, and then run out to the grocery store in the morning. No one will ever know!


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dress: in a big TEE

I couldn’t resist buying an XXL tee from Walmart for only $3. What should I make with it???

I already have