DIY: How to Make Mermaid Fins + a pre-Halloween Party

foggydress_mermaid Over the weekend, my friends and I threw a pre-Halloween party.

We made delicious homemade pizza…

foggydress_mermaid …sewed our mermaid fins (don’t mind my messy sewing desk!)…


foggydress_mermaid  and watched the movie Casper … one of my all-time favorite Halloween movies from my childhood!!

foggydress_mermaid I just love the end of the movie, when Casper is allowed to get his body back, for only a few hours. Awww!! If you want a sweet/scary/sad/happy halloween movie for this year’s party…watch it!

foggydress_mermaid(don’t mind my blank walls…still decorating!)

Now, here’s the tutorial for those fins we made….  Continue reading