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Liz is having a crazy DIY week (I was happy to help; I’m learning loads from that gal) with lots of tutorials you for sure need to check out.

Like this poncho made from a thrifted blanket?? Genius.

diyponcho8…aaaand these super cute thrifted-turned-diy-project distressed jeans!

jeans02-2Are you sick of me showing up on the SYTH blog yet?? Sorry for the repetitive post, if you’re visiting from there! Hope to see you around here again.

Also….check back tomorrow, for an uhhh-mazing veggie food post (I’ve already seen pictures and they look MMmm good) from the one and only Brooke Kunz. FYI, she just posted some design-magazine-worthy pictures of her SLC apartment, filled with plenty of sunshine and homemade goods. Check it out.

hugs, hanalei

work out: at the japanese tea gardens

Running is the best way to see the details of wherever you are. Here in San Francisco, details are in abundance and it’s easy to miss the many  treasures that are hidden in this bustling city. The park is just 2 blocks away from my flat, so there will be many future posts about all the treasures hidden there.

Enter the Japanese gardens, where nature and architecture take you into another culture and century.

blog tea garden2 The gardens are located about central Golden Gate Park. There is free admission if you enter before/at 10 am on Mon/Wed/Fri.

IMG_3891 IMG_3895

IMG_3908For me, running has been a great way to see the sights & get a work out for both my mind and body; I really believe that the mind+body+spirit is connected and that exercising does more than just physical fitness.

blog tea garden

blog tea garden1

So you can say that running is a way to knock out two birdies with out stone: getting a great work out and sight seeing your city. Do you have any beautiful places near you, that you love to run at? Do share.

hugs, hanalei

{friend style} dress: for sunshine + palm tress


I just came back from another trip to So Cal. I grew up near a little ol’ town called Pasadena (anyone know the song?), where the palm trees seem to touch the sky. This trip, I dragged one of my bff’s, Carolina, into showing off her style for a sunny day in paradise, aka home. Here’s what she came up with.

Recently Updated16PS I did a big photographer’s No-No and shot in the sun at noon day. We were drenched in sunshine and heat. But that’s So Cal for ya.




IMG_4561Some fun facts about her before we go: Her first languages (in order) were Chinese, Spanish (she was born in Colombia) and then English. She is one of those friends that gives from her heart, and leaves you off a better person. Thanks for being my model and showing off your style, girl!

hugs, hanalei

dress: like a man

That’s my little bro below…can you see the family resemblance? When he & some friends came to visit, we explored the Mission District–just 15 mins from where I live. There was definitely not a shortage of photo-ops and pretty things. This is a must-visit spot if you’re planning a trip to San Fran, want to find fabulous food, and like to take pictures along the way.
Recently Updated11 Recently Updated12 Recently Updated13 IMG_4437

Thanks to my model men, for their fashion debut on the blog!

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let’s: get physical {round 2}

Remember this post? Well. I found a new pair of running shoes (see below), coming in at $39.99 from Big 5. I saw this EXACT pair at Nordstrom Rack for $60. I am no longer ashamed to shop at Big 5! Also, I got some hot pink running shorts (see middle pic below) at a Nike outlet outside of Vegas (you know which one I’m talking about!) for like $5. Ladies, I feel a lot more motivated to work out when I’m sporting something flashy (it also helps that cars can see me & not run me over).


This post is mostly to myself, so if  you want you can stop reading now.

Alright winter hibernation is OVER, and I need to tone it down on the sweets and tone it UP with the exercise. Besides, I currently don’t have dental insurance (long story) so I cannot afford a cavity people!


Pictured above is me warming up in my tiny little gym, before lifting (yeah, baby!) and running in the chilly city weather. I realize that a year ago (when I lived in Utah) I would not be attempting this until all the snow melted in April. But now that I’m in California…

These are more or less my anti-winter-hibernation-get-ready-for-spring goals:

  1. get strong, girl. My husband and I are rock climbers (he more than me, but I’m getting there!) so in anticipation for that (and bathing suit season) I need to get some more muscle! So I a lifting some little weights. So far I can do 4 REAL push-ups. Yeah!
  2. get my aerobic in. Biking to get the groceries, running through Golden Gate Park (so picturesque), or playing tennis (there are courts in almost every park here!), whatever it is, I need to get my aerobic in 4-5 times a week.
  3. eat carbs, Mmm. What? I need the energy…


Is anyone with me??? I really need to do this, especially since I just ate 1/2  a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.