hello weekend! + Happy Chinese New Year

foggydress_taiwan This photo was taken when Aust & I went back to Taiwan & Hong Kong, May 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快樂!Chinese new year is, like, THE holiday in Asia. When I lived in Taiwan, the new years celebrations would include 2 weeks straight of eating delicous food until your eyes popped out. And people were giving me 红包 (red envelope) with money inside $$ (but I couldn’t accept it because I was a church missionary at the time!). It’s a great holiday; older family like parents, Aunts & Uncles, would give us red envelopes (hundreds of dollars!), but once we were married they said ‘Sorry! No more!’ So last year I gave my little brother the first red envelope I’ve given out, and it made me feel old.

This week I’ve been learning a new language, and you should too! When someone starts to learn a brand new language at 21, you’d think it was too difficult an endeavor and almost unachievable. Well I started learning to speak, read and write Chinese when I was 21, and somehow I achieved a basic grasp of the language in a short 18 months. Granted, I had God on my side (literally–missionaries are promised the gift of tongues!) because I honestly could not have done that on my own. But this time around, I’m picking up a language at 26 (did I say I’m old already?)! I’ve been taking free online courses from Code Academy and I HIGHLY recommend them! I’ve been able to pick up the basics of HTML and CSS and have been tweaking my new website aaaaallllllll week long. My eyes hurt, but I’m pretty excited to show you on Monday!! (Thanks for all the help, Ivan!)

Eat lots of good food , try learning a new language, and 恭喜发财  ‘congratulations on obtaining riches’!

hugs, hanalei

hello weekend: “Should I workout today?”

wpid-20140110_110311.jpgTaken right before my mat pilates class, in which I totally get my but kicked ^^

 I always look forward to catching up on sleep during the weekends, but I also always book-up my weekends with things to do!  I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

How many of us ask ourselves the question, ” Should I workout today??” Most of the time, I answer with something like “sure…but later” and a lot of times I don’t end up going…oops. For January I really wanted to get a workout 3-4 times a week because it makes my whole body/mind/spirit feel better. So how did I conquer that question with a resounding “YES!”? Well, I didn’t ask it in the first place. Here’s what has helped me, and maybe it can help some of you:

  • Tell yourself the answer before asking the question. In fact, don’t ask yourself that question at all. Set a realistic short term goal like, workout 2 times a week (you can always add on from there). Stick to that goal like gum on a side walk. Then tell yourself, “I”m going to workout today because tomorrow I’m busy with _____.” Do that X amount of times during the week and you’ll not only meet your goal, but you’ll feel soooo good inside and out.
  • Switch up your workout. My pre-gym days were filled with running, lots of running, and the occasional rock climbing. I hated my workouts because I got sick of just running all the time! Now that I have a gym membership, I go to about 2 or 3 classes a week, and run at least once a week. Now I never get bored with my workouts.
  • Do it with someone. Austin and I love to do outdoorsy stuff together, and made a goal to workout 1-2 times a week together (yes I also count that as one of my workouts!). By “workout” we don’t always mean “go to the gym”. We switch it up with activities like playing tennis, going mountain biking, climbing…just about anything that gets us using our muscles.

My next problem: how will I get in a workout with babies and kids!? I have no idea. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

What do you guys do to get yourself moving?

hugs, hanalei

hello weekend + something new to learn

It’s Friday! I woke up thinking it was Thursday, but was happily mistaken.

mlk-speech_1389076510Image via Trend Images

This week at my mom’s book club, we read Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Stowe. I’m really glad we read it prior to this weekend because it helped me better appreciate the amazing heroes who contributed to the abolishment of slavery. What a terrible tragedy, and how grateful I am for people like Martin Luther King Jr. and many others throughout history. I almost couldn’t finish the book for fear of my heart breaking, it was so tragic, but it was also hopeful and triumphant. I definitely recommend that you put it next on your booklist. (You can listen to the audiobook for free here or download it -free- to your kindle here.)

On another note, I just had an epiphany… let me share it with you! As you know, this blog is about stuff I do & learn–my journey through learning to sew is documented here, as well as little projects around my house. Cooking is something I want to work more on this year, and so you might see it creeping up on the blog a little more than usual (ok a lot more than usual, since I hardly post about food here!). I’ve been looking up videos on the internet and learning a few new tricks, and I’d like to share some of those with you on my “Hello Weekend” posts. They won’t always be about cooking (like last’s week’s post about learning ways to jazz up a resume). But hopefully you might learn a thing or two with me, along the way.

This video helped me perfect the art of cracking an egg with one hand. I know it’s not necessary for cooking but it sure does speed up the process! Previously, if I did crack an egg with one hand, it was always accidental. I followed these little exercises and now I almost have it down perfect!

Have a fabulous weekend…

PS Tonight at midnight is the deadline for the HoBags Giveaway! Enter this one or this one. Winners will be announced Monday.

Hello Weekend: HoBags & Resumes

foggydress_hobag_material Hi folks! Check out these awesome shirts I got a while back, from a thrift store! They are perfect HoBag making material, and that’s what I’ll be up to this weekend. Although, I am tempted to re-fashion them into something… but too late, they’re already cut up and en-route to the sewing machine.

I am also re-vamping my resume because it’s been a while since I changed up the formatting. I was looking for a little inspiration, when I came across these funky resumes online:

dd2dee49 ^^ it looks like a Twitter account! ^^ef58e9f1 ^^ this had to have taken a very. long. time. to make. ^^
a5235393 ^^ Would YOU turn your Facebook account into a CV Resume?? ^^

Have you seen these before? They definitely inspired me, albeit they’re a little over the top, but what do you think? Is this the kind of resume that can only be used in the Arts/Media world? Would you go this kind of direction with yours?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, wherever you and whatever you’re up to. Check back next week for a few giveaways!

hugs all around, hanalei.

hello weekend: how heavy is your purse?

foggydress_purse I forgot to include my trusty phone, not pictured above b/c it was charging at time of photo shoot

Finally it’s the weekend! AKG will be officially finished with his first week of finals in graduate school. Everyone give him a cyber-hug. This weekend we’ll be hot-potting, sleeping in (except Sunday–darn 9AM church!), and watching the Hobbit!! And hopefully mailing out Christmas greeting cards.

Monday morning I read an article on the Huffington Post, and I’ve been thinking about it all week long: Why Your Purse Is Giving You Back Pain….And 11 Ways To Fix It. After reading it, I realized many things; I carry way too much in my purse (see pic above–I usually have a book in my bag as well), and I have horrible posture while carrying it! The author had some great suggestions to remedy the shoulder/back/neck pain that comes from carrying heavy bags, like don’t text while carrying a purse“Sometimes it’s the double-duty of texting and looking down that causes the curve in your neck to get lost and get flat.” Another tip is to make sure your bag isn’t too long or too short“You want to be able to swing your hips and your shoulders freely without being bumped by the bag.” <– This one sounds like a no brainer, but it makes a huge difference. I noticed that when I carry a purse, usually the arm not carrying the purse will swing, but not both. So I tried consciously swinging both arms and it really made a difference for my back! Switching up which shoulder carries the bag is a tip I already knew about, but something  I don’t do often enough; it’s almost always over my right shoulder.

How heavy is your bag? What do you  carry, that you think you don’t need in there? I’ve stopped carrying my book, and I need to do more dump-out-the-contents-of-my-purse-to-see-whats-in-there type of inspection, so I can find surprises like that blush colored Stila nail polish^^ I’ve been looking everywhere for (of course it would be in my purse). Hope that article will help lighten your load, as it (literally) did for me. Have a great weekend!

hugs, hanalei