How to Make a Perfect Fitting Boyfriend Tee + tutorial

foggydress_boyfriend tee I don’t know why I keep calling this a “boyfriend tee” when really it’s my husband’s, but you get what I mean: a loose, slouchy-fitting top that may or may not have formerly belonged  to a boyfriend/husband/male.

Some people can just throw on a big tee and it somehow looks flawless. But I usually have to make a few adjustments here, sew a little there, before it actually works on me.

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend teefoggydress_boyfriend tee

If you have a sewing machine handy, you can fix those wide shoulders and those longs sleeves to make them more feminine and flattering. More photos & a tutorial after the jump!

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DIY: widen your pants! tutorial

You know when you go thrift store shopping and you find your favorite brand of jeans for only $7, BUT they’re two sizes too small?? So you try them on anyway because you just never know, and as you’re putting them on you know they’ll fit perfect…and they do except–they just won’t button. So you get them anyways, thinking you’ll just put a hair tie around the button and loop it through the hole? Well my thrift-shopping pal, Liz Bryson from Cotton+Curls, would have none of that. A few seams ripped, cut, and a new piece sewn in and you have the comfiest jeans in the world. She patiently taught me this trick to making any pair of pants fit perfectly.
photography & instruction tips by the fab girl, Liz Bryson
^that is her chubby cheek, sky-blue eyed baby boy… that I can’t get enough of!  Click here for full tutorial!

dress: Tomboy-ish

photography by my girlfriend’s husband Marshall

I used to have these camouflage print vans that I wore all the time. They gave my outfits a tomboy-feel and I wore them until they got holes in the soles. But when my girlfriend said, ” I found this skirt at a thrift store, I think it’ll fit you!” my first thought was, “NO thank you, I’ll never wear that…” And then I remembered my shoes, and started to miss having something camo-printed in my wardrobe. So I took the skirt.


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Don’t you love this view? I’m standing right next to a children’s playground at Alta Plaza Park in Pacific heights. Kids here are spoiled.
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It’s nice to have a little camo back in my wardrobe, even if the skirt kinda  cancels out the tomboy-ness.

hugs, hanalei.