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foggydress_homefoggydress_homefoggydress_homefoggydress_homefoggydress_home It’s best if I keep myself busy (distracted more like), so I decided to jump back into blogging. I hadn’t realized it’s been 3 weeks since I last blogged. Here goes….

From top to bottom:

  • Plants. My sister-in-law works at a nursery in Utah, so I thought I would take advantage of her discount… I got a Maiden Hair Fern which I LOVE. I’ve had this plant before, when I was in college, but the Utah cold just about killed it. It didn’t thrive there, but I’m hoping this warmer, more humid climate will be perfect for it. Don’t you love hanging plants? I’m also obsessed with the crazy Juncus Dart plant (second photo), which reminds of Princess Merida’s crazy hair in Brave.
  • Watercolor. I have been obsessing over learning how to water color this past month. I don’t know why but I’m literally in love with it, even though I’m really not that good. I’ve been wanting to paint something for the saying “grow old with me” to compliment the big picture of us in front of the temple on our wedding day, so I attempted to paint some simple water color flowers for it. I think it turned out ok.
  • Painting Pickle Jars. I just hate throwing away glass jars. If you look carefully around my house, I make all sorts of uses out of little leftover jars from the grocery store. Lately, I’ve been saving our pickle jars (I didn’t realize we eat so many pickles until I noticed how many pickle jars I’d saved!). I decided to paint a few of them, since I wanted to use them in the front room and frankly pickle jars aren’t as “in” as mason jars…. I had to get a little creative.

So there are some of my projects lately…feels good to be blogging.

hugs, hanalei

A HObag named ZANE

foggydress_hobag_zane Remember this gorgeous fabric I instagrammed about? And remember how I started naming my HObags? Just want to make sure you remember everything that has ever gone on in my life. Good. Well look at me I finished her! For some reason the name Zane popped into my head and it stuck. Ok who wants Zane??




foggydress_hobag_zane I was inspired by all the boxy, big envelop clutches that I covet so much. Although it isn’t as stiff as those, it still holds enough shape to appreciate all those straight lines and edgy corners. UGH this print is jut perfect!






foggydress_hobag_zaneI hope you love Zane as much as I do!!

hugs, hanalei.

working on some type…what do you think?

foggydress_quotesI love making my own greeting cards (aka foggy prints), but this isn’t one those! I have a small gold frame that I wanted to fill with the phrase from Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me“, also known as my wedding song… 


I absolutely melt when I hear this song. Norah has this soulful voice that I first fell in love with on a rainy California afternoon. I was a young high school girl then, and when I first heard it I knew I’d be swaying to it on my wedding day.

ANYway, I love it a ton, yada yada.

I just kept making it over…

foggydress_quotes…and over again (just can’t decide on that foliage!).foggydress_quotes

So I’m going back and forth between whether I like it or whether it’s too girly for my taste. I have a few other quotes in mind, and I’m hoping to add some paint (water color?) to my type. foggydress_quotesDoesn’t it look awesome in inverted colors???

hugs, hanalei.

home: finding a body-pillow cover is impossible! + tutorial

IMG_5672Our white body pillow has been on my to-do list for a year now. I have been searching and looking for a stylish cover, but to no avail. I mean REALLY! Why is it so hard to find a cute, affordable body pillowcase? Does everyone else know where to find them?? Is it just me??? Well, finally, I thought–hello, I have a sewing machine and a serger! I can just wip up a cover of my own, no problem. Well I did encounter one problem, but I’ll tell you about that later.

Here’s a tutorial on how you can easily make any pillowcase, as well as an “after” picture of the finished cover…  Continue reading

DIY: adjustable-length chunky necklace + tutorial

portrait photography by the talented gal Tiffany of House of Tong, tutorial photography by myself.
DSC_0046_1rsI have purchased, returned, purchased, returned (you get the idea) several chunky necklaces. I finally realized that, as cute as those necklaces were, I had a certain design in mind… so…what the heck. I made my own. $12 and 45 minutes later I had my necklace, and it turned out just how I had envisioned. I probably could’ve found a similar necklace for cheaper, but I glean so much satisfaction from actually making & designing it myself.

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Here’s a tutorial; just switch out some of the materials and make it your own! Disclaimer: I’m no jewelry pro, so if you have a better way of putting a necklace together, please leave me some tips in the comments below!  See full tutorial here