How to Make a Perfect Fitting Boyfriend Tee + tutorial

foggydress_boyfriend tee I don’t know why I keep calling this a “boyfriend tee” when really it’s my husband’s, but you get what I mean: a loose, slouchy-fitting top that may or may not have formerly belonged  to a boyfriend/husband/male.

Some people can just throw on a big tee and it somehow looks flawless. But I usually have to make a few adjustments here, sew a little there, before it actually works on me.

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend teefoggydress_boyfriend tee

If you have a sewing machine handy, you can fix those wide shoulders and those longs sleeves to make them more feminine and flattering. More photos & a tutorial after the jump!

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in the making: a black chiffon something

I have a few yards of silky black chiffon sitting in a soft pile next to me. I picked it up in when I was in Hong Kong, from an old man selling lots of other cheap fabric. This chiffon just called out to me! I knew I had to take it home and make something delicious out of it. Here are a few things that are inspiring me for this project:


^^Photo by kasia

DBD15D943E64371946FF5F235D1A3C ^^Photo by via

image1xl ^^Photo by asos

I think I want to go with a loose & baggy top shirt…I would love to make a skirt or dress out of it too, but that will have to come later (when I actually know how to make a skirt/dress). I’ll be sure to put up pictures of what I come up with!