DIY: Fake a Headband

foggydress_headband Does anyone else get head aches when they wear headbands? I hardly ever wear them because they’re not worth the pain I get! If you have the same problem, just fake it like I do. I usually like to wear these when my hair is up in a bun, but they work great with your hair down–totally pain free! Thanks Mackenzie, for being my pretty model! Keep reading for the tutorial. Continue reading

DIY: How to Make Mermaid Fins + a pre-Halloween Party

foggydress_mermaid Over the weekend, my friends and I threw a pre-Halloween party.

We made delicious homemade pizza…

foggydress_mermaid …sewed our mermaid fins (don’t mind my messy sewing desk!)…


foggydress_mermaid  and watched the movie Casper … one of my all-time favorite Halloween movies from my childhood!!

foggydress_mermaid I just love the end of the movie, when Casper is allowed to get his body back, for only a few hours. Awww!! If you want a sweet/scary/sad/happy halloween movie for this year’s party…watch it!

foggydress_mermaid(don’t mind my blank walls…still decorating!)

Now, here’s the tutorial for those fins we made….  Continue reading

How to Make a Perfect Fitting Boyfriend Tee + tutorial

foggydress_boyfriend tee I don’t know why I keep calling this a “boyfriend tee” when really it’s my husband’s, but you get what I mean: a loose, slouchy-fitting top that may or may not have formerly belonged  to a boyfriend/husband/male.

Some people can just throw on a big tee and it somehow looks flawless. But I usually have to make a few adjustments here, sew a little there, before it actually works on me.

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend tee

foggydress_boyfriend teefoggydress_boyfriend tee

If you have a sewing machine handy, you can fix those wide shoulders and those longs sleeves to make them more feminine and flattering. More photos & a tutorial after the jump!

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DIY: How to Reupholster Your Chair + Tutorial


My friend is not afraid of dumpster diving (well she says technically it was next to the dumpster). She somehow got her husband to help haul away these 4 pretty, distressed chairs from the trash the hands of some other DIY savvy gal. We found the reupholster job to be quite simple, with the help of an Aunt, a dad, and Joann’s.

All you need are: foggydress_chair

My friend Anna found her fabric at Joann’s (always use a coupon), but you could use any pretty fabric that you like, as long as it’s a sturdy cloth. We chose to cover over the old fabric, rather than ripping it off.foggydress_chair

Staple one side, and then it’s opposite. Grab another set of hands to help you pull the fabric really tight.



foggydress_chair foggydress_chair

foggydress_chairA vast improvement in only a few simple steps!


foggydress_chair foggydress_chairNow grab a book and have a good read in your pretty reupholstered chair.

Thanks Anna, for the steps and vintage chairs!