treats & eats: strawberries

Jan 18, 2013


The amazing thing about living pretty much anywhere in California is (besides the sunshine) the strawberries. They are the very best from Ventura & Oxnard, but are usually very flavorful just about anywhere in Cali. Black berries are also delicious, and grow wild all over Northern California.

Anyway, my point in writing this post is that I was visiting a friend and asked if they wanted some berries. They politely said no thank-you, we don’t like to eat berries. You don’t like to eat berries?!?!? is what went through my mind. Well I’m here to declare that you’re right, you shouldn’t like to eat berries…you should LOVE to eat them. Berries are natures candy, and not only that, have lots of nutrients! They most always satisfy my sweet tooth craving. I used to be too cheap to buy them, but I’ve realized that it’s worth the few extra dollars they cost, and I can afford them if I take the Oreo’s out of my shopping cart. Plus they ALWAYS make good yogurt toppings.

So the next time you have a friend over, and they politely decline to eat your berries…just say to yourself, more for me!

dress: like a thank-you card

 photo 2012_12_31_zpsaa8331e9.jpg

This happened on accident! I swear. After I dressed in yellows & oranges for a day of sight-seeing around SF, I looked at my dresser & saw a thank-you card from one of my BFF’s. Then I glanced in the mirror and noticed…

 photo IMG_1903_zpsc9828214.jpg

…I look just like my thank-you card…

 photo IMG_1915_zpsa00099dd.jpg

Well believe that this kind of thing happens a lot around here….and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more posts like this!

PS-yes this is my winter dress for San Francisco… all you need is a warm sweater (this one’s made out of rabbit fur, and is VERY warm)!

hugs, hanalei

treats & eats: what to do when bananas go on sale

I may have gone a “bananas” (ok I had to say it) when I bought 6 lbs of bananas….but they were 39 cents per pound!! Normally they are about 69 cents per pound, or at Trader Joes, 29 cents each. But these were big, still a little green, and perfect for some (unhealthy?) treats!

Tell me, who has not sat down with a banana, jar of Nutella and a knife, and just slathered away?? Am I the only one?
 photo IMG_1617_zps8d2b0356.jpg

So that takes care of a few bananas. But I wait until there are just a few, very ripe ones left, and throw them into a bowl to make the best banana bread ( from a cookbook gifted to me by one of my BFF’s Emily). Note: you should add less sugar than is called for in this recipe, otherwise you will not be abe to stop eating this.

 photo IMG_1601_zps93b082e7.jpg
 photo IMG_1610_zpsb3029a20.jpg

I think a few friends were tricked by this instagram picture and caption: “Banana bread donut”


I always make it in a bundt pan because, well, I don’t have a bread pan! And it always comes out shaped like a large donut. But I think some people may have thought I made little banana bread donuts (of wich I’ll try and figure out how to do), but in reality it was a big, giant one (which I think is better anyway!).

SO next time you see bananas on sale, don’t be shy! Buy a couple pounds! I actually love baking with them, and have lots more recipes to share the next time they’re on sale.

hugs, hanalei

Happy Martin Luther King day!

 photo embroideredgloves_zpsf4bc7742.jpeg

{picture via}

Well of course my plan was to sleep in today (no work), so when I finally woke up, I noticed an instagram message from my cousin’s cousin Aubrey in Utah, who said she saw me on Liz’s SayYesToHoboken blog! I’ve helped Liz with a few posts and she sorta was my inspiration for starting this new little foggydress blog! She obviously has amazing taste & camera skills, so I’m hoping to learn as much as I can from her about the art of blogging. After all, she comes from a famous blogging family (her sis-in-law is the OhHappyDay blogger!)

Anyway she has a tutorial on how to make those adorable gloves seen above. I love the emoticons on each glove…

PS-Apparently I need to buy some embroidery thread (and learn how to embroider), because I need to make these gloves, and so much more.

let’s: get physical

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As mad as I was about my Reeboks getting holes (in both shoes), I guess it shows that they’ve been used! I logged a lot of miles in them when I ran my first half marathon, hiked, biked, and zumba’d in them. They have been good to me, and at $34.99 I sure have gotten my money’s worth. But it’s a new year, I have new health & fitness goals, and I need to find me a new pair of running shoes!

If you’re like me, and looking for some new work-out attire, I heard that Gap is having a MLK sale this weekend: 30% off online & 40% off in stores, even at Gap Fit! My philosophy on fitness is that you should use whatever motivates you, to get fit. And finding cute running attire (that are also functional!) always motivates me to get up and go for a run. What motivates you to work-out?

hugs, hanalei