Happy Martin Luther King day!

 photo embroideredgloves_zpsf4bc7742.jpeg

{picture via}

Well of course my plan was to sleep in today (no work), so when I finally woke up, I noticed an instagram message from my cousin’s cousin Aubrey in Utah, who said she saw me on Liz’s SayYesToHoboken blog! I’ve helped Liz with a few posts and she sorta was my inspiration for starting this new little foggydress blog! She obviously has amazing taste & camera skills, so I’m hoping to learn as much as I can from her about the art of blogging. After all, she comes from a famous blogging family (her sis-in-law is the OhHappyDay blogger!)

Anyway she has a tutorial on how to make those adorable gloves seen above. I love the emoticons on each glove…

PS-Apparently I need to buy some embroidery thread (and learn how to embroider), because I need to make these gloves, and so much more.

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