eat: things that your health-nut (pun intended) friends make

foggydress_pbI am slightly jealous of people who can whip up recipes off the top of their head. I’m also slightly jealous of people who know how to make recipes healthy. In this case, my nurse/high school/half-Asian/track & field BFF Anna does¬†both. She recently made some of this healthy and oh so creamy cinnamon peanut butter!!¬†I begged her to share the recipe.
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let’s: get physical

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As mad as I was about my Reeboks getting holes (in both shoes), I guess it shows that they’ve been used! I logged a lot of miles in them when I ran my first half marathon, hiked, biked, and zumba’d in them. They have been good to me, and at $34.99 I sure have gotten my money’s worth. But it’s a new year, I have new health & fitness goals, and I need to find me a new pair of running shoes!

If you’re like me, and looking for some new work-out attire, I heard that Gap is having a MLK sale this weekend: 30% off online & 40% off in stores, even at Gap Fit! My philosophy on fitness is that you should use whatever motivates you, to get fit. And finding cute running attire (that are also functional!) always motivates me to get up and go for a run. What motivates you to work-out?

hugs, hanalei