hello weekend + one last travel post…I promise!

This weekend, there is nothing going on. Aust & I will just sit at home and relax. You ever have the feeling that you need a vacation just to recoup from your recent vacation?? After being gone for a month, and hauling our luggage on and off trains, subways, stairs & elevators, I am sore! I am tired! And for some reason I wish I was back there right now! Have a great weekend, and check out all the Asian fashion I creepily captured on my camera! (click on “keep reading…” link below)

hong kong map2Well I haven’t really talked much about our trip to Hong Kong & Macau (<–that’s the Asian version of Vegas fyi!). I can’t really sum it up in words because it was such a long and incredible trip, but I’ll try…

There was plenty of good food, funky fashion, and tall tall TALL buildings!!

taiwan fashion

Desktop14^^The American dollar can buy a mighty fine hotel, with pools that have some stunning views!^^

keep reading to hear more about Hong Kong!

dress: whip out your summertime hat!

IMG_0486 Hi blogging world…I’m baaack! Sorry for the hiatus but who can be sorry for taking a vacay?? Being away from internet (most of the time), my phone, and everything else was so refreshing. Doesn’t mean I didn’t miss it though! The last of our family (who flew in the day we got back from Hong Kong) have left, as the wedding festivities (brother-in-law got married on Saturday!) have finally concluded. Time to get back in our routine!

Anyway, while I was in Taiwan, I found the most adorable roll up, large brim sun hat. Only $15! I think the brand is from Japan, but I can’t read the label so I’m not sure…

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My last hat was a pain to travel with, because it was impossible to fold up and put away…this hat is perfect for travel, on windy boat rides or cloudy days. Just un-velcro, roll up, and tuck it in your purse! They really should pay be to be their sponsor, sheesh.

Well, with my swimsuit and sunscreen on, it looks like a good time to head to the beach & enjoy the summer sun.

hugs, hanalei

Happy 2 year anniversary cutie!

IMG_8619Taipei, Taiwan

Not that any of you care much, but I might as well document that we not only made it to our two year wedding anniversary, we FLEW through it! Since the day we touched down in America, we have had family in town. I haven’t had a spare minute to even look at a calendar…I almost forgot what an amazing landmark today was. So even though the day is almost over, I can barely keep my eyes open, and my darlin’ is snoozing away…

happy two-year anniversary babe!

A birthday + a few more pictures from Asia


I am so. dead. tired. Thanks to Cathay Pacific airlines, I got NO sleep on the plane. Why? Because they had the WHOLE THIRD SEASON of DOWNTOWN ABBEY! Plus a plethora of new-release movies… **if you have a long trip to Asia I would highly recommend flying Cathay Pacific!**

Also, I probably gained like ten pounds from eating things like this:

coconut tart

And I just kept discovering cool things like this:

taiwan3And eating more things like this:

IMG_8447In case you don’t understand what’s going on here ^^, that is frozen milk shaved ice with fresh mango & strawberries with condensed milk poured overtop. Mmmm…


Also, I am 26 today! (celebrating with sparkling water!) I have actually been 26 for 2 days… I celebrated my birthday in Hong kong, and by the time I landed back in SF it was actually a few hours earlier, same day, from when we took off. I cannot believe I am so old, but so young! I have a happy life, and am beyond blessed to have made it this far. Here’s to another year full of change and growth…and who know’s what else!

Taiwan: never goodbye, always “再見!” (see you again!)


My typical, rainy day outfit here in Taiwan: shorts and a tee covered by a cheap, plastic-bag-ish, 50 cent poncho. I can’t stand wearing a thicker one because then you just sweat in it! (thanks for the photo bomb, Chris! I think he really wanted to make it on the blog…)IMG_8225

I took like 2,000 pictures guys…I wanted to share them all with you, but that would be ridiculous… Click here to see a few of the good ones!