Hello Weekend: HoBags & Resumes

foggydress_hobag_material Hi folks! Check out these awesome shirts I got a while back, from a thrift store! They are perfect HoBag making material, and that’s what I’ll be up to this weekend. Although, I am tempted to re-fashion them into something… but too late, they’re already cut up and en-route to the sewing machine.

I am also re-vamping my resume because it’s been a while since I changed up the formatting. I was looking for a little inspiration, when I came across these funky resumes online:

dd2dee49 ^^ it looks like a Twitter account! ^^ef58e9f1 ^^ this had to have taken a very. long. time. to make. ^^
a5235393 ^^ Would YOU turn your Facebook account into a CV Resume?? ^^

Have you seen these before? They definitely inspired me, albeit they’re a little over the top, but what do you think? Is this the kind of resume that can only be used in the Arts/Media world? Would you go this kind of direction with yours?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, wherever you and whatever you’re up to. Check back next week for a few giveaways!

hugs all around, hanalei.

hello weekend: how heavy is your purse?

foggydress_purse I forgot to include my trusty phone, not pictured above b/c it was charging at time of photo shoot

Finally it’s the weekend! AKG will be officially finished with his first week of finals in graduate school. Everyone give him a cyber-hug. This weekend we’ll be hot-potting, sleeping in (except Sunday–darn 9AM church!), and watching the Hobbit!! And hopefully mailing out Christmas greeting cards.

Monday morning I read an article on the Huffington Post, and I’ve been thinking about it all week long: Why Your Purse Is Giving You Back Pain….And 11 Ways To Fix It. After reading it, I realized many things; I carry way too much in my purse (see pic above–I usually have a book in my bag as well), and I have horrible posture while carrying it! The author had some great suggestions to remedy the shoulder/back/neck pain that comes from carrying heavy bags, like don’t text while carrying a purse“Sometimes it’s the double-duty of texting and looking down that causes the curve in your neck to get lost and get flat.” Another tip is to make sure your bag isn’t too long or too short“You want to be able to swing your hips and your shoulders freely without being bumped by the bag.” <– This one sounds like a no brainer, but it makes a huge difference. I noticed that when I carry a purse, usually the arm not carrying the purse will swing, but not both. So I tried consciously swinging both arms and it really made a difference for my back! Switching up which shoulder carries the bag is a tip I already knew about, but something  I don’t do often enough; it’s almost always over my right shoulder.

How heavy is your bag? What do you  carry, that you think you don’t need in there? I’ve stopped carrying my book, and I need to do more dump-out-the-contents-of-my-purse-to-see-whats-in-there type of inspection, so I can find surprises like that blush colored Stila nail polish^^ I’ve been looking everywhere for (of course it would be in my purse). Hope that article will help lighten your load, as it (literally) did for me. Have a great weekend!

hugs, hanalei

hello weekend

foggydress_wknd_ill I have been battling the flu all week, telling myself that I’m not actually sick (my body disagrees), sleeping lots and taking plenty of Nyquil and Dayquil (the legal amount, don’t worry). Seeing as AKG is also trying to get over the flu while wrestling his first week of finals in graduate school, it’s looking like a low-key weekend. I’ll be finishing this book that I started ages ago, have you read it? I love the front page book summary in one sentence: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Sounds like a no-brainer but most of what people eat today is a result of food-science rather than whole, fresh foods. Speaking of food science… I’ll also be drinking some of this over the weekend:

foggydress_wknd_ill I’m sure it’s not a new thing, but I only discovered it a few days ago. I think I still prefer the regular (dairy) egg nog, but this one isn’t as thick so I like it.

What are your plans? It’s only been one week of December and I’ve already been to see the Nutcracker Ballet, and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. In between book reading and egg nog drinking, we’ll be decorating our tree and listening to plenty of Christmas music while wrapping ourselves up in thick, warm blankets. It’s getting cooooold!

Enjoy this adorable Christmas video, and have a wonderful weekend….

hugs, hanalei

eat: home grown tomato sandwiches & have a fabulous weekend


My mom has these gorgeous tomatoes from her little tomato garden that I have been literally devouring. See how much flesh and meat is on that tomato?? Normal store bought ones are full of water and seeds when you cut them open, never mind not having any flavor. If you do not know someone who grows tomatoes, I highly recommend you grow some of your own. I have been eating so many tomato sandwiches (always open face), have you ever had one?

foggydress_avo^^ These are from Ventura ^^

Here’s how I make my homegrown tomato sandwiches:

  • whole wheat bread from Costco, toasted sometimes
  • pesto mayo spread on one slice of bread
  • when we get avocados for free (see above) we like to add that on, too
  • a big, thick slice of a meaty, fragrant, home grown tomato
  • a sprinkling of salt & pepper

Try it!

What are your plans this weekend? We are entertaining more family, and celebrating 中秋節 Mid Autumn Festival with moon cakes and moon gazing. Also, an earthquake woke us up at 5 am yesterday, it was kinda scary!

Thanks for reading this really random post…and have a great weekend!

Hello weekend


You guys, I just love fitness classes. It gets me out the door at different times of the day and makes me work my but off! The only class I’m still iffy about is my yoga class. Granted, I’ve only gone once since getting my gym membership a few weeks ago…but this teacher was sort of yelling at us. In a gentle-pushy-voice-sort-of-way. Like, “Reach, reach, reach, reeeaacchhh! You’re not reaching! You gotta reach!” I was thinking in my head, “What do you think we’re all doing!?” I just didn’t feel relaxed, and at the end of class I was ready to go. I think I’ll try a different teacher next week.

Have a great weekend! We’ll be spending ours with family and my cute baby nephew.

PS–My friend recommended a great app that you’re probably all using already…tracks your periods and ovulation, and other stuff. Just in case you wanted to track that sort of thing… (also find it on itunes)