temporary graphic tee (for a Dodger’s game!) + tutorial

foggydress_tempteeI needed a tee for the LA Dodger’s game, but since I rarely go to them (the last game I’d been to was in high school!) it’s not like I have any Dodger paraphernalia. I needed a cheap alternative to buying one.

So, I came up with this:

foggydress_tempteeThe temporary graphic tee.

 It’s the cheap and versatile  way to be a fan of, well, anything!foggydress_tempteefoggydress_tempteefoggydress_tempteefoggydress_temptee See the full tutorial and more baseball pictures, after the jump! Continue reading

making a: Tee-skirt


LA blog picsfoggydress_teeskirt2 Hi guys, I’m alive! I’m finally settled into our new place. There are still plenty of boxes that need to be put away, but we’re doing a little bit everyday….

Now that I’m no longer in San Francisco, I can enjoy a truly warm summer. I am busting out all the flow-ey skirts and thin tees that I could never wear (without a sweater) in SF. I’m even wearing my tee-skirts (tee-shirt that can double as a skirt) (yes I made that up!). Ever since I was in high school, I have always worn these kind of shirts as skirts….


BONUS! They are so easy to make. Well ok you don’t really make them, you….foggydress_teeskirt4Voila! Easy way to double the wardrobe. Now I can enjoy a real California summer. XOXO

hugs, hanalei.