holiday shopping

foggydress_daiso¬†I know, lots of phone pictures lately… I promise to break out the big boy lens soon. Today I went out to run some errands, specifically the stack-up-on-holiday-treats-at-trader-joes errand. I love their peppermint chocolate pretzels… so much so that I only bought one bag (self control).

I have a few projects to post about over these next few weeks, so be on the look out! Creating things is very therapeutic for me, so I have many projects lined up. My brother is also helping me create a better blog layout for the new year, so lots of new-ness to look forward to at foggy dress. ūüôā

One of the reasons I really like living in Chino Hills is, of course, all the shopping. They have every kind of clothing/home decor/food shops a girl could ask for. I mean, they just opened up a brand new Daiso down the street!  foggydress_daisofoggydress_daiso

foggydress_daiso¬†Please tell me you’ve all been to a Daiso?! If the above photos aren’t adorbs enough for you to go, then consider all they have to offer: japanese hair ties, bows, dishes, towels, baggies, candies, socks, etc. Almost everything is $1.50! Super chic Japanese fashion & style at a super low cost.

Just look at these socks I found! <3<3<3

foggydress_daiso ¬†No, Diaso did not sponsor this post… I wish. I’m still waiting for that day…

So, check out the store and let me know what you find.

hugs, hanalei

maroon mani’s & moving

foggydress_mani¬†Note to self: don’t get a nice manicure right before you move!foggydress_mani2foggydress_mani3¬†Above: we stopped at the temple in St. George, Ut

Firstly, it is hard to post consistently on here when I am constantly juggling ¬†family reunions, packing boxes, moving vans, loading furniture, 3 am road trips, and weddings. On top of it, we don’t yet have wi-fi at our new place in LA so….this post is brought to you by Starbucks! Been sipping on their Tazo iced herbal tea & bumming off their internet since noon today.

A silly thing I did was get a manicure about a week before packing & cleaning & driving & un-packing & more cleaning. ¬†I just couldn’t turn down a girls trip to the nail salon with the fam. I decided to go with a non-summer maroon shade and my niece chose a very summer-appropriate sparkly-purple. Still no chips (I got the shellac/gel polish)!

I’m hitting the road again, for my older brother’s wedding in Provo. I promise to post again on Monday, about the sad/exciting move from SF–>LA. You can always¬†follow me on instagram!¬†

dress: for spring

I have seen a lot of blogs, with great photos, and as I grow & (hopefully quickly) learn how to do more than just turn on my Canon Rebel, I will attempt create better photography.

Spring is almost here…well okay it’s a few months away, but past Valentines Day, that’s all I have to look forward to. This peek at Ralph Lauren’s 2013 ¬†spring collection is just what I’m in the mood for: pops of colorful floral prints paired with some good old black & white.


{photo cred here}

So obviously it was love at first sight when I found this (very inexpensive) little top/dress! Something about it made me want to take crooked pictures. The ones clear and straight-on just didn’t do it for me…

(Yes, those are my Christmas stocking in the background, still up….) Continue reading