weekend wardrobe: visiting Sac town with sun hats and bicycles

Sometimes when you dream about places far away from you, you forget how amazing places right next to you can be. foggydress_sacramentoIMG_1147foggydress_sacramento2 What started out as a craigslist purchase from someone living in Sacramento, turned into a day adventure to our state’s capitol. The two hour drive was worth it, because I got to sport my sun hat and  cash in my free salad/open burrito from the Chipotle festival! It was HOT and sunny; a nice change from the cool and foggy summer weather we usually enjoy on the SF peninsula.

IMG_1151foggydress_sacramento3My biking wardrobe consists of leggings and any combination of a: skirt, oversized tee, summer dress, or loose sweater. I’ve seen girls bike in skirts without wearing leggings, but I would rather not flash passersby!
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