desert heat & red rock climbing

IMG_1861-001 {southern Utah: St. George}

IMG_1863 In this desert city we were fighting 110 degree heat, so even getting up with the sun only bought us a few hours to climb! Before we knew it, the scorching sun was heating up that gorgeous rusty-red rock.IMG_1867-001 We took my sister-in-law (and her hubby) rock climbing in southern Utah, before heading back to SF. Since it was their first time climbing outside, I did a lot of this^^ (belaying). My hands got so dirty from our rope! Almost time for a new one.
IMG_1869 IMG_1880That red rock is so delicious, you really cannot call yourself a climber until you’ve climbed on it.
IMG_1885 Megan is tiny and strong (this mama of 3 does Crossfit several times a week!), so she pretty much muscled her way up there like she’d been a climber her whole life. It took me a whole year before I climbed like that! I really need to hit the weights again…. ever since Taiwan & Hong Kong, I’ve gotten completely out of my routine. I’ve been so busy with weddings and guests and vacay’s and packing that it still feels like I JUST BARELY got home from Asia!! I honestly don’t know where the months have gone. Hopefully after the move, I’ll be back in sync with lifting & working out. Anyway…back to packing!

hugs, hanalei

weekend wardrobe

Last weekend, I went on a mini backpacking trip to Castle Rock Park. After being an avid runner for about 15 years, I finally broke down and purchased a cold weather sports sweater. I never needed one in So Cal, but how did I survive all those winters in Utah without one? OH yeah, I just didn’t run. Well Costco has a way of getting you to buy more than you went in for, like this turquoise sports jacket (only $20!) and the blue sports shirt (only $10!), below. So now I finally have decent exercise clothing that isn’t 100% cotton (that fabric stains and can get so HOT).

IMG_5285For climbing, I threw on some shorts and that easy-breezy sports tee:


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Having athletic clothing makes SUCH a difference, ladies and gents. Make sure your closet is well stocked for your summer outdoor adventures.

hello weekend

Who is that super ripped girl with the huge biceps?
workout Yeah, that’s me. But wait–I’m neither of those things (oops). I am getting stronger, though! As for my getting out of winter hibernation goals, I have been doing…. just okay. Let’s be honest, going from running a few times a month to working out 5 days a week is going to be a slow transition. And by the way I felt really silly taking this picture (do you like my serious workout face?) but I can’t write a post without a picture, right??

On the upside, I have been consistently doing strength training once maybe twice a week. As for aerobic exercise…it’s been (again) once maybe twice a week thing.If you’re like me and trying to get motivated to get fit/stronger, I would say… just start with doing something at least once a week, and work up from there. I hope to keep on improving because rock climbing season is knocking at the door, and after yesterday’s  outdoor climb, my whole body aches.

This weekend we’re heading down south for a quick camping/backpacking/climbing trip with another couple who climbs. We’ll be in Redwood heaven so I’ve GOT to take my camera along.

Have a busy/low key/eventful/creative/healthy/mellow kind of weekend, wherever you are.