Make a Shrug From Your Scarf + Tutorial

foggydress_scarf It has been a typical Southern California winter–a little rainy but not too chilly. A thin shrug is just what I’ve been wanting. Lately I’ve been wrapping my large scarves around my shoulders, but they keep slipping and falling. It finally dawned on me… why not turn it into a shrug? I can still wear it as a scarf anytime! foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarfIt’s so easy to make, it almost doesn’t need a tutorial.foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarffoggydress_scarfSee the full tutorial (and more pictures) after the jump…  Continue reading

re-fashioned safari dress + hello weekend


I am literally running out the door as I write this! I’m working on my time management… Anyway, have a fabulous weekend! The sun is shining out here in SF, so I might be down at the beach for the next few days 🙂 Hope you love how this dress turned out, as much as I do! I will definitely wear it 1 or 2 (or 3-4) times in China. I leave in 10 days, guys!!! I caaaaann’t wait.      hugs, hanalei.

browndress IMG_6727
Do you like the new gold buttons?? There were 14 buttons on this dress….it took forever to sew them all on! (PS see the “before” pictures of what the dress looked like, here.) Thanks to Liz at Cotton+Curls for all the tips!

DIY: widen your pants! tutorial

You know when you go thrift store shopping and you find your favorite brand of jeans for only $7, BUT they’re two sizes too small?? So you try them on anyway because you just never know, and as you’re putting them on you know they’ll fit perfect…and they do except–they just won’t button. So you get them anyways, thinking you’ll just put a hair tie around the button and loop it through the hole? Well my thrift-shopping pal, Liz Bryson from Cotton+Curls, would have none of that. A few seams ripped, cut, and a new piece sewn in and you have the comfiest jeans in the world. She patiently taught me this trick to making any pair of pants fit perfectly.
photography & instruction tips by the fab girl, Liz Bryson
^that is her chubby cheek, sky-blue eyed baby boy… that I can’t get enough of!  Click here for full tutorial!