Give the Gift of Art

My favorite class in high school was art. For some sad reason, I only took it freshman & sophomore year. I became BFF’s with this Asian junior/senior girl named Jessica. She was amaaaazing, every time she picked up her pencil, or brush, my jaw would drop in amazement. I love & appreciate art. In San Francisco I would literally find it on the street. That never happens down here though. Luckily, you can find any style, print, painting imaginable on the internet.

Whether it’s for Christmas, birthdays, or a very nice “thank you”, consider giving art as a gift. Here are some fun (all very different) art prints from awesome little shops that I love. Links below the pictures. Enjoy!
foggydress_art foggydress_art1. The Painted Arrow ^^


foggydress_art foggydress_art(I just ordered this ^^ picture above. It’s so crazy, I love it!)foggydress_art 2. Hayley // Fine Art ^^


foggydress_art foggydress_art foggydress_art3. Confettie Love ^^


foggydress_art foggydress_art4.  The Wood Junkies ^^

(They do custom wood orders. I got my Ariport Clock from them!)


working on some type…what do you think?

foggydress_quotesI love making my own greeting cards (aka foggy prints), but this isn’t one those! I have a small gold frame that I wanted to fill with the phrase from Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me“, also known as my wedding song… 


I absolutely melt when I hear this song. Norah has this soulful voice that I first fell in love with on a rainy California afternoon. I was a young high school girl then, and when I first heard it I knew I’d be swaying to it on my wedding day.

ANYway, I love it a ton, yada yada.

I just kept making it over…

foggydress_quotes…and over again (just can’t decide on that foliage!).foggydress_quotes

So I’m going back and forth between whether I like it or whether it’s too girly for my taste. I have a few other quotes in mind, and I’m hoping to add some paint (water color?) to my type. foggydress_quotesDoesn’t it look awesome in inverted colors???

hugs, hanalei.