Catching Autumn, a poem


The tree outside my window once had many bright green leaves,

Then yellow, orange, red they fall til’ bare, it’s branches grieve.

Though wind and frost and season’s change will take it’s colored ends,

The sturdy tree stands still and tall, just waiting for the mends

That come with Spring, which follows cold–that wintry, darkened season;

When leaves and color come again, and bring back all the reason

For this lonely tree, when all is gone, and winter takes it’s light,

 To hope for what it knows will come, but is not within sight.

Hold on to hope, it’s all we have to get us through the cold,

For Autumn leaves will soon bring Spring if hope is what we hold.

I wrote this poem in college when I was living in northern Utah, a place which truly celebrates all four seasons. If I could live my whole life in those fleeting weeks when summer ends and winter has not yet struck, I would be elated.

I remember looking out my bedroom window at a beautiful, grand tree who’d scattered the grassy hill with it’s yellow, orange, then red leaves. I was terribly sad that such a golden season, so short lived, was already ending. Even more sad was I of the endless winter that inevitably brought chill and snow, short days and dark nights. Hope of Spring always got me through those wintry days. Now I live in a place that only has two seasons: hot summer and cold summer; how I miss that beautiful, grand tree who caught the colors of Autumn and left them by my window.

Photo: Alpine, Utah by Ivan Ho (my talented brother)

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You Know Those Days…

You know those days when all that you can see
is the sidewalk lines, and the shadow of the trees?
And every thought you  think somehow makes it hard to breathe,
and every sight you see somehow makes the world blurry…
You know those days when all that you can feel
even when it’s warm outside, is a freezing, goose-bump chill?
And every step you take never fully feels real,
and every soft embrace seems to almost turn to steel…
And then you know those days when you start to see the sun,
when you start to feel warm, and you want to tell someone
that you can breathe again, that your world is not a blur,
and that getting through each day becomes a little easier?
I think we’ve known those days, though we often do forget.
So when a friend is down, we calmly do not seem to fret.
But we should realize that their days feel just as blue
as when we had those days, and so now it’s up to you
to chase away the clouds for this chilly, shady friend
and help them find the sun, so they feel happy, warm again.

WHEN I was in college, writing my heart away on my first blog, I wrote this poem for a friend who was going through something difficult. At that time, I had gone through some struggles myself, and was reflecting on how empathy for one another draws us closer together. Come to think of it, most of those who’re close to me have that characteristic in themselves. I think it is good for me, for us, to empathize with one another. It will help us love more fully and forgive more deeply.

I’d like to share more of my writings here; hope it doesn’t bore!
hugs, hanalei
Photo: Muir Woods Cathedral by Hanalei Gene