hello weekend + one last travel post…I promise!

This weekend, there is nothing going on. Aust & I will just sit at home and relax. You ever have the feeling that you need a vacation just to recoup from your recent vacation?? After being gone for a month, and hauling our luggage on and off trains, subways, stairs & elevators, I am sore! I am tired! And for some reason I wish I was back there right now! Have a great weekend, and check out all the Asian fashion I creepily captured on my camera! (click on “keep reading…” link below)

hong kong map2Well I haven’t really talked much about our trip to Hong Kong & Macau (<–that’s the Asian version of Vegas fyi!). I can’t really sum it up in words because it was such a long and incredible trip, but I’ll try…

There was plenty of good food, funky fashion, and tall tall TALL buildings!!

taiwan fashion

Desktop14^^The American dollar can buy a mighty fine hotel, with pools that have some stunning views!^^

keep reading to hear more about Hong Kong!

working on: a summer dress for China

My husband and I are going to China this summer! Specifically, we’re going to Taiwan & Hong Kong. And more specifically, we’re leaving in May, before the real summer heat kicks in. The thing about Taiwan & Hong Kong is that they’re islands, and islands are humid. In really humid places I try to wear loose, not-super-tight-and-clingy clothing, like dresses and skirts. This dress–a great thrift store find–is made from linen, a cool fabric perfect for island-hopping. The problem is it’s…


…and also the…



So, I found an awesome hole-in-the-wall fabric store, with a HUGE box of random buttons. At 6 buttons/dollar I may have gone a little over board…picking out some “just in case I need extra” buttons, as well as “these could be earrings!” buttons. I’m almost finished with switching out the old buttons & taking the dress in, so check back later this week to see the end results. Fingers crossed it turns out like I imagine!!

hello weekend

130217-3588 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo {image via}

I really want these faded tights and have no idea where to get them…I may have to do a DIY. I have always been inspired by and obsessed with Japanese fashion. Seriously, they must have so much fun getting dressed in the morning.IMG_1250 Speaking of Asia, my husband and I have been saving all year to take a trip back to Taiwan and Hong Kong, where we both served as missionaries for our church. We really want to do this trip before school and children over take our lives (which will be coming up soon, before we know it!). I can’t wait to take my camera, and find some fabulously dressed Asians. And eat my heart out; their food is cheap, fresh and delish.

Have you been to a foreign country, where you’ve fallen in love with their style and culture? Share please! Oh and have a fabulous weekend.