eat: home grown tomato sandwiches & have a fabulous weekend


My mom has these gorgeous tomatoes from her little tomato garden that I have been literally devouring. See how much flesh and meat is on that tomato?? Normal store bought ones are full of water and seeds when you cut them open, never mind not having any flavor. If you do not know someone who grows tomatoes, I highly recommend you grow some of your own. I have been eating so many tomato sandwiches (always open face), have you ever had one?

foggydress_avo^^ These are from Ventura ^^

Here’s how I make my homegrown tomato sandwiches:

  • whole wheat bread from Costco, toasted sometimes
  • pesto mayo spread on one slice of bread
  • when we get avocados for free (see above) we like to add that on, too
  • a big, thick slice of a meaty, fragrant, home grown tomato
  • a sprinkling of salt & pepper

Try it!

What are your plans this weekend? We are entertaining more family, and celebrating 中秋節 Mid Autumn Festival with moon cakes and moon gazing. Also, an earthquake woke us up at 5 am yesterday, it was kinda scary!

Thanks for reading this really random post…and have a great weekend!