Hello Weekend: HoBags & Resumes

foggydress_hobag_material Hi folks! Check out these awesome shirts I got a while back, from a thrift store! They are perfect HoBag making material, and that’s what I’ll be up to this weekend. Although, I am tempted to re-fashion them into something… but too late, they’re already cut up and en-route to the sewing machine.

I am also re-vamping my resume because it’s been a while since I changed up the formatting. I was looking for a little inspiration, when I came across these funky resumes online:

dd2dee49 ^^ it looks like a Twitter account! ^^ef58e9f1 ^^ this had to have taken a very. long. time. to make. ^^
a5235393 ^^ Would YOU turn your Facebook account into a CV Resume?? ^^

Have you seen these before? They definitely inspired me, albeit they’re a little over the top, but what do you think? Is this the kind of resume that can only be used in the Arts/Media world? Would you go this kind of direction with yours?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, wherever you and whatever you’re up to. Check back next week for a few giveaways!

hugs all around, hanalei.

a HObag named Flora

hobags_florahobags_flora I’ve decided to start naming my HObags.

This one is named Flora for obvious reasons.

(Psst– If you are new to the blog and don’t know what a HObag is, read this)

hobags_flora hobags_flora ^^ (gorgeous fabric) ^^

I picked up this blouse at a thrift store in Utah, when we were visiting family over summer vacation. Since all HObags are made from thrifted clothing/items, I am constantly stopping at thrift stores, espeically when I’m traveling.

hobags_florahobags_flora I made the braided handle out of the sleeves of the blouse. The bottom of the blouse was sewn with a scrunchy border that I almost overlooked, until my Aunt (the seamstress) gestured toward it and asked “will this be the opening of the bag?”

Uhhh…of course!

I am so happy to be surrounded by such creative people.


hobags_flora_foggydressHope you liked this Flora HObag 🙂     -hugs, hanalei

Hello Weekend! + how to survive without the internet for one week

When the internet goes out in your home and for some reason the internet company doesn’t get around to actually fixing the problem for a whole week,  don’t start pulling your hair out. Don’t send out a bunch of of hate-tweets because you will probably regret it later (ok I only sent one tweet of anger–it was well deserved). Don’t keep opening your computer every 5 minutes to check & see if it has magically started working again, because it hasn’t and it won’t.

Here are a few ways to survive when you are abruptly cut off from the internet world:
foggydress_tulips1. Take lots of pictures of flowers with your fancy DSLR

foggydress2. Go hiking with your friends ^^

foggydress_hobag3. Make a HoBag

Instead of complaining about how horrible internet companies can be sometimes, I’ll just focus how much I was able to get done without it. Mostly, I am excited about almost finishing up this ^ HoBag. I have a few more seams to sew before she’s finished. Pictures will be up soon!

Have a great weekend, and hopefully you have Labor day off! Let’s not talk about how summer is pretty much over. Actually, what am I saying? Southern California only has two types of weather: hot summer and cold summer. Phew…I am too used to trying to mentally prepare myself for terribly cold winters in San Fran & Utah (ok SF isn’t quite as cold as Utah, but it sure is chilly all year round). You are all welcome to come visit, if you don’t already live here. Summer will be waiting for you.

hugs, hanalei.

a hexagon-al HObag

I made another HObag!
If you have any old, old fabric that you want to throw out…give it to me! My friend had this^^ wonderful fabric in a “throw away” box, which I immediately snatched up. I thought it turned out pretty cool! I don’t know if you can tell, but there are three opening’s in the top (the corners are sewn together, where the handles are) and the bottom three sides are sewn closed. I love the print and the handle/fabric string that came with it. The hexagon shape is so fun, I might have to make another HObag just like it!


hugs, hanalei