DIY: Fake a Headband

foggydress_headband Does anyone else get head aches when they wear headbands? I hardly ever wear them because they’re not worth the pain I get! If you have the same problem, just fake it like I do. I usually like to wear these when my hair is up in a bun, but they work great with your hair down–totally pain free! Thanks Mackenzie, for being my pretty model! Keep reading for the tutorial. Continue reading

working on some type…what do you think?

foggydress_quotesI love making my own greeting cards (aka foggy prints), but this isn’t one those! I have a small gold frame that I wanted to fill with the phrase from Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me“, also known as my wedding song… 


I absolutely melt when I hear this song. Norah has this soulful voice that I first fell in love with on a rainy California afternoon. I was a young high school girl then, and when I first heard it I knew I’d be swaying to it on my wedding day.

ANYway, I love it a ton, yada yada.

I just kept making it over…

foggydress_quotes…and over again (just can’t decide on that foliage!).foggydress_quotes

So I’m going back and forth between whether I like it or whether it’s too girly for my taste. I have a few other quotes in mind, and I’m hoping to add some paint (water color?) to my type. foggydress_quotesDoesn’t it look awesome in inverted colors???

hugs, hanalei.

Catching Autumn, a poem


The tree outside my window once had many bright green leaves,

Then yellow, orange, red they fall til’ bare, it’s branches grieve.

Though wind and frost and season’s change will take it’s colored ends,

The sturdy tree stands still and tall, just waiting for the mends

That come with Spring, which follows cold–that wintry, darkened season;

When leaves and color come again, and bring back all the reason

For this lonely tree, when all is gone, and winter takes it’s light,

 To hope for what it knows will come, but is not within sight.

Hold on to hope, it’s all we have to get us through the cold,

For Autumn leaves will soon bring Spring if hope is what we hold.

I wrote this poem in college when I was living in northern Utah, a place which truly celebrates all four seasons. If I could live my whole life in those fleeting weeks when summer ends and winter has not yet struck, I would be elated.

I remember looking out my bedroom window at a beautiful, grand tree who’d scattered the grassy hill with it’s yellow, orange, then red leaves. I was terribly sad that such a golden season, so short lived, was already ending. Even more sad was I of the endless winter that inevitably brought chill and snow, short days and dark nights. Hope of Spring always got me through those wintry days. Now I live in a place that only has two seasons: hot summer and cold summer; how I miss that beautiful, grand tree who caught the colors of Autumn and left them by my window.

Photo: Alpine, Utah by Ivan Ho (my talented brother)

PS- find my other poem here

hair: the two minute gold bow


Like I’ve said before, I could probably buy a pretty gold bow…but why buy it when you can make and design it yourself? Since my hair is brown (hazelnut?), I love wearing gold; it really POPS. This would be something fun to do at a party, or to make as gifts for friends. Don’t be surprised if some of you receive these for Christmas next year!

You could follow this tutorial & use any kind of stiff fabric/ribbon/whatever-this-stuff-is. I used “glitter strips” from Joanns.



  • bobby pins
  • a cheap and ghetto glue gun (well just a glue gun will suffice, but mine was really cheap & is really ghetto–whenever I put it down, it would drip glue!! gahh)
  • stiff ribbon
  • scissors 

blog bows


  1. Loop ribbon to form one side of the bow. Pinch together.
  2. Loop other side & pinch together. Adjust size of loop according to size of bow desired.
  3. Holding the center, cut off excess.
  4. Glue loose ends together, overlapping about 1/2 inch.
  5. Now glue the middle together.
  6. Make a small loop to cover middle.
  7. Wrap around, so the loose ends are overlapping about 1/2 inch. Cut off excess.
  8. IMPORTANT: only glue loose ends together; do not glue the loop to the bow because you need a space for the bobby pin!


Step 9: wear and enjoy! (I got that ^ double bow by repeating steps 1-4, overlapping the two loops, glueing them– slightly slanted –together, and completing steps 5-8).

hugs, hanalei.