weekend wardrobe: a chilly festival

IMG_0764It was windy & chilly; a typical San Francisco summer day, in Golden Gate Park! But none the less, the Chipotle Cultivate Festival was delicious and hilarious, AND I sure did learn a lot! Buying local-grown, fresh food seemed to be the take-away message. That, and…don’t ever leave home without your trusty magenta Northface windbreaker (and a scarf)! You never know (or in the case of SF locals–you always know) when a chilly wind will come.

June Chipotle Cultivate Festival ALso, who in the whole world can say no to free, ^^ fresh guacamole??? No man can, I say.


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DIY: denim vest


I am trying to find an outfit for the Chipotle: Cultivate Festival  held in Golden Gate Park this Saturday. There will be music (Mayor Hawthorne, Matt Costa, Walk the Moon, etc) and tastes from local chef’s & restaurants. Are you going?? I decided that I needed a denim vest for the event, so I cut off the sleeves of this old denim jacket (that I hardly ever wear):


denim-vest4(This is a no-brainer DIY, but I thought I’d show you what I did anyhow…!)If you have a short sleeved/long sleeved denim jacket that you feel like turning into a vest, just cut about an inch away from the seam line and…that’s it! I didn’t sew the ends because eventually (after I wash it a few times) I want the ends to fray.

hugs, hanalei