DIY: denim vest


I am trying to find an outfit for the Chipotle: Cultivate Festival  held in Golden Gate Park this Saturday. There will be music (Mayor Hawthorne, Matt Costa, Walk the Moon, etc) and tastes from local chef’s & restaurants. Are you going?? I decided that I needed a denim vest for the event, so I cut off the sleeves of this old denim jacket (that I hardly ever wear):


denim-vest4(This is a no-brainer DIY, but I thought I’d show you what I did anyhow…!)If you have a short sleeved/long sleeved denim jacket that you feel like turning into a vest, just cut about an inch away from the seam line and…that’s it! I didn’t sew the ends because eventually (after I wash it a few times) I want the ends to fray.

hugs, hanalei

DIY: widen your pants! tutorial

You know when you go thrift store shopping and you find your favorite brand of jeans for only $7, BUT they’re two sizes too small?? So you try them on anyway because you just never know, and as you’re putting them on you know they’ll fit perfect…and they do except–they just won’t button. So you get them anyways, thinking you’ll just put a hair tie around the button and loop it through the hole? Well my thrift-shopping pal, Liz Bryson from Cotton+Curls, would have none of that. A few seams ripped, cut, and a new piece sewn in and you have the comfiest jeans in the world. She patiently taught me this trick to making any pair of pants fit perfectly.
photography & instruction tips by the fab girl, Liz Bryson
^that is her chubby cheek, sky-blue eyed baby boy… that I can’t get enough of!  Click here for full tutorial!

DIY: turn your hip belt into a waist belt

I know the big thing in the blogging world is to tie a knot with your belt around your waist…but sometimes I want a clean, tucked away belt, cinched around my waist. No loose ends!

hip waist belt

Ok so I’ve never seen a tutorial about this, but then again I’m pretty new to the blogger-sphere world…

This is something I did a few years ago, when I was tired of have a wagging-loose-end of a belt hanging behind me. I have a few belts with enough holes to fit around my hips/jeans, but since I have wide hips and a small waist, I couldn’t use the belts interchangeably without doing the knot-tie thing. So here’s what I did…


  • a belt! preferable genuine leather, but not required
  • an “ouchless” elastic hair tie (I use the GOODY brand from Walmart), clear (or black)
  • a tack or nail (something sharp & pointy)
  • a marker

Recently Updated4


  1. Put the belt around the smallest part of your waist.
  2. Hold the spot where you’d imagine the hole to go through (I left a little extra room for layering!)
  3. Mark the back with a marker/sharpie (I used a metallic one, it show’s up better on dark colored leather)
  4. From the backside, press the tack firmly
  5. Push through to the other side, twisting the pin and expanding the hole
  6. Force the belt hook through the newly formed hole (it’ll be tight at first, but the more you use it, the looser it’ll get)
  7. Now for securing that loose belt end! Take your clear elastic hair tie and STRETCH it! You think it’ll break but it won’t. Then put it on the end of your belt.
  8. Now double it, so that it is tightly secured around your belt end.
  9. Pull it down, almost all the way to the other end of the belt.
  10. Secure the loose end by putting it through the elastic!belt

Hope this was helpful!

hugs, hanalei

DIY: fix the worn-down between-the-thigh area in your jeans


SO I was reading some comments over at one of my favorite re-fashion blogs, and someone had asked how to fix a very serious problem: that worn down part of your jeans, between the thighs. Because I definitely do not have sticks for legs (I have what I like to call “runner’s thighs”…), that eventually happens to almost all my denim jeans. I especially hate when this happens to my not-so-cheap jeans (like this pair of Frankie-B’s!). Well this just had to stop, so I came up with a solution that will hopefully work for you too! Continue reading