hi there, weekend

Okay, enough pictures of me for the week. Overload, sorry. Time for a reprieve!

  • We finally hung some art around our flat, today (his aunt keeps telling me, “it’s a flat, not an apartment,”). It really feels like home now.
  • It was dangerously foggy in SF this week. I could barely see the cars infront of me!
  • I’m trying to put together a bucket list for SF, and I need your help! So far we still have yet to: visit Alcatraz, eat at Off the Grid in the mission, and do a Yosemite backpacking trip. Are we missing anything???

If you’re like me, and plan on sleeping tomorrow,  then here is a SUPER quick & yummy (& healthy?) popover recipe (didn’t you know popovers are the new pancake?).


The recipe says to divide the batter (which only has like 5 ingredients) into custard cups, but I just split it in half and cooked them in pie dishes. Serve with 100% maple syrup+blueberries (above) or apricot jam+berries+sausage (below).

Have a lovely weekend, and a delicious Saturday morning, wherever you are.

hugs, hanalei

eat: 鍋貼 pot-stickers

A native Chinese momma shared with me a little trick to getting these pot-stickers nice & crispy on the bottom.


We had some friends over and the MR. reeeeeallly wanted to make these from scratch, so being the domestic goddess that I am (not)….I did. PS–the ones you buy from Costco are also delish, if you’re like me and too lazy to make them from scratch!


After you’ve stuffed and folded them (see a great recipe on how to do so here, except use a food processor instead of chopping your afternoon away!), lightly flour a cookie sheet or plate. Then fire up the stove and when your pan & oil are hot, place pot-stickers on there for about 1 minute. Once they start to get crispy, pour about 1/4 cup water in pan and QUICKLY put that lid on!


They should turn out crispy and golden like this! Be sure to flip them over when you take them out of the pan, so crispy sides are up. This keeps them from getting soggy bottoms!


We served them with a yummy veggie called Gai Lan, and some half-brown-half-white rice. Mmm!