One Pretty Ride

We found some amazing hills to bike around at Chino Hills State Park, you should try it out some time! It wasn’t too hard of a course, and I didn’t get too scared going down those hills. We rode for over two hours and were absolutely exhausted at the end of it. But, it was all worth it for that sunset! Thanks to a few answered prayers, we made it back to the car just before the last glimpse of light disappeared beyond the hills. Hope you’re enjoying a fun filled Christmas vacay too! foggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohills IMG_606foggydress_mtnbike_chinohills3foggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohills I make it look so easy…  HA well this was just the beginning!foggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohills^^ We may have gotten a little lost… good thing GPS still works out here!


foggydress_mtnbike_chinohills^^ that’s just one of a few hills I just had to hop off my bike and walk up… it was so steep!




foggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohills hugs, hanalei

weekend wardrobe: visiting Sac town with sun hats and bicycles

Sometimes when you dream about places far away from you, you forget how amazing places right next to you can be. foggydress_sacramentoIMG_1147foggydress_sacramento2 What started out as a craigslist purchase from someone living in Sacramento, turned into a day adventure to our state’s capitol. The two hour drive was worth it, because I got to sport my sun hat and  cash in my free salad/open burrito from the Chipotle festival! It was HOT and sunny; a nice change from the cool and foggy summer weather we usually enjoy on the SF peninsula.

IMG_1151foggydress_sacramento3My biking wardrobe consists of leggings and any combination of a: skirt, oversized tee, summer dress, or loose sweater. I’ve seen girls bike in skirts without wearing leggings, but I would rather not flash passersby!
See more pictures of Sacramento!!

Taiwan: you can’t come here without visiting the east coast

(I’m actually in Hong Kong right now, but I finally have more than 2 minutes of wifi, and have a whopping hour to blog! Here’s another taste of our adventures in Taiwan…)



The most important part of this trip was all the special people in my life, who I was able to see again. The second most special part of the trip was the scenery!

IMG_7586Yeah it was rainy…like the whole time we were in Hualien…but is it not the prettiest place to have rainy days? And how can you not have fun when one of your bff’s and her new hubster meet you there?

IMG_7883We stopped and ate some yummy bananas from an old lady. They were as long as my finger!

taiwanI could live my whole life on a bicycle in this town.


Now, let me introduce you to…

taiwan1-002 IMG_7781 IMG_7788

Asians love their pens. Every color, every style!

hugs, hanalei.