playing tourist: site see SF for free

If you’re into…

  1. walking
  2. learning the history of San Francisco
  3. seeing the city
  4. things that are free

…then you need to go on a San Francisco City Guide Tour.tour

My aunt first told me about City Guide Tours when I first moved here, and so far I’ve done two fabulous tours. It’s funded by the library, government grants and donations. At the end of the tours, you can make a donation to the program (the guides are all mostly volunteers, with some city employees). My first tour guide had been doing tours for 20 years! And you could tell; she knew a lot.

IMG_3806You meet at a park, bridge, or neighborhood, and you walk around the area for about 1.5-2hrs. Don’t worry–it’s light, easy walking, I promise! You get so much history and detail about the city/architecture/culture…all for free! And at the end of the tour, the guides are always keen on telling you where the best nearby restaurants are. Definitely worth doing if you’re in new in town, or visiting for the weekend.

hugs, hanalei.

work out: at the japanese tea gardens

Running is the best way to see the details of wherever you are. Here in San Francisco, details are in abundance and it’s easy to miss the many  treasures that are hidden in this bustling city. The park is just 2 blocks away from my flat, so there will be many future posts about all the treasures hidden there.

Enter the Japanese gardens, where nature and architecture take you into another culture and century.

blog tea garden2 The gardens are located about central Golden Gate Park. There is free admission if you enter before/at 10 am on Mon/Wed/Fri.

IMG_3891 IMG_3895

IMG_3908For me, running has been a great way to see the sights & get a work out for both my mind and body; I really believe that the mind+body+spirit is connected and that exercising does more than just physical fitness.

blog tea garden

blog tea garden1

So you can say that running is a way to knock out two birdies with out stone: getting a great work out and sight seeing your city. Do you have any beautiful places near you, that you love to run at? Do share.

hugs, hanalei

dress: like a man

That’s my little bro below…can you see the family resemblance? When he & some friends came to visit, we explored the Mission District–just 15 mins from where I live. There was definitely not a shortage of photo-ops and pretty things. This is a must-visit spot if you’re planning a trip to San Fran, want to find fabulous food, and like to take pictures along the way.
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Thanks to my model men, for their fashion debut on the blog!

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