dress: for spring, when winter won’t leave

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Seriously, it’s April already and there’s still a chill in the air. Spring dresses are too breezy to wear in SF, but ribbed wool tights will keep me cozy…

IMG_5794I got mine at Uniqlo for only $12 via a friend who thought my house was “too cold”, so she gave me a REAL house warming gift. You can also find them at Target; right now they’re marked down to $8!

IMG_5795PS. I’m done with sweets, the commercialization of good holidays, and oh ya–sugary sweets. Easter was spiritual and TONS of fun with my bro & his girlfriend, but I overdosed on the sweets (did I say that already?). My tooth teeth ache. 

Last Easter, I Gave You My Heart…

Sorry…I started the post “Last Easter” and I just couldn’t resist…(most annoying Christmas song ever?? Yes). Anyway, you’ve probably noticed things look a little different around here…I’m going with the gray (think: fog) look. What do you think of the header?? I also updated my about me.

Well last Easter was a blast, as Brooke-the amazing-threw the most springy easter egg hunt + delicious brunch EVER.







Look how short my hair used to be!!












I used to be a big party planner, but have sort of gotten out of my groove…there’ll be no Easter-partying this year 😦 But I have to pull myself out of it, because I have lots of party ideas (mostly revolving around food!). Maybe I should throw a “Post-Easter, Welcome-Spring!” party in April….does anyone want to come?!

Happy easter week, and don’t forget to eat some yummy carrot cake (I’m combing the internet right now, looking for a great ice cream + carrot cake combo, I’ll let you know how it turns out on Friday)!        -hugs, hanalei.

{dress} for church & sunday walks

Spring is here, and so is maxi-wearing weather. I saw some uber-cute maxi skirts at Target, but realized I didn’t need to spend more $$ to get one….I just had to get a little creative. Hence, this:

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I had originally cut 2 inches off this purple tube-dress because I liked the length hitting it at the ankles. So when I decided to fold it into a maxi skirt, the length was perfectly long enough, without dragging on the ground. I added my big waisted belt to polish off the look, but if you don’t have one, I thought it looked just fine without it. I love the high-waisted+long-skirt combo because I can wear flats without looking dwarf!


And there is my cheap version of a maxi skirt. This little trick also works great with other tube shirts or tube dresses that are shorter.

hugs, hanalei.

**Okay I keep doing these posts the night before, and then I schedule it to automatically post the next morning but it never does! Someone, please…help me with my wordpress problems…

dress: April showers bring May flowers


It’s not April yet, or even May, but I’m already over the rain. Luckily, after a rainy week in the city, the weekend was all clear blue skies and sunny weather.



I’ve tried on dozens of flower print pants over the fast few years. Each time, the jean was NOT a good fit. I am rather picky when it comes to pants, and hate cheap denim/ill fitting jeans. But when I was in So Cal last, I found these stretchy jeggings and thought…let’s just try them on. Bingo! They were the comfiest I’d tried on yet, and they fit like a glove. Plus, they were only $16! So far I’ve worn them with a black top (not my favorite combo) and a light grey one (better). But the first time I wore them, I think I got it right: light blue pinstriped button-up.

IMG_5211 (can you see the little turtle stamp on my hand? I went to the Science Academy…those take forever to wash off…)

These pants can be tricky to dress right. What kind of top would you pair with them?

hugs, hanalei.

let’s: get physical {round 2}

Remember this post? Well. I found a new pair of running shoes (see below), coming in at $39.99 from Big 5. I saw this EXACT pair at Nordstrom Rack for $60. I am no longer ashamed to shop at Big 5! Also, I got some hot pink running shorts (see middle pic below) at a Nike outlet outside of Vegas (you know which one I’m talking about!) for like $5. Ladies, I feel a lot more motivated to work out when I’m sporting something flashy (it also helps that cars can see me & not run me over).


This post is mostly to myself, so if  you want you can stop reading now.

Alright winter hibernation is OVER, and I need to tone it down on the sweets and tone it UP with the exercise. Besides, I currently don’t have dental insurance (long story) so I cannot afford a cavity people!


Pictured above is me warming up in my tiny little gym, before lifting (yeah, baby!) and running in the chilly city weather. I realize that a year ago (when I lived in Utah) I would not be attempting this until all the snow melted in April. But now that I’m in California…

These are more or less my anti-winter-hibernation-get-ready-for-spring goals:

  1. get strong, girl. My husband and I are rock climbers (he more than me, but I’m getting there!) so in anticipation for that (and bathing suit season) I need to get some more muscle! So I a lifting some little weights. So far I can do 4 REAL push-ups. Yeah!
  2. get my aerobic in. Biking to get the groceries, running through Golden Gate Park (so picturesque), or playing tennis (there are courts in almost every park here!), whatever it is, I need to get my aerobic in 4-5 times a week.
  3. eat carbs, Mmm. What? I need the energy…


Is anyone with me??? I really need to do this, especially since I just ate 1/2  a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.