making a: Tee-skirt


LA blog picsfoggydress_teeskirt2 Hi guys, I’m alive! I’m finally settled into our new place. There are still plenty of boxes that need to be put away, but we’re doing a little bit everyday….

Now that I’m no longer in San Francisco, I can enjoy a truly warm summer. I am busting out all the flow-ey skirts and thin tees that I could never wear (without a sweater) in SF. I’m even wearing my tee-skirts (tee-shirt that can double as a skirt) (yes I made that up!). Ever since I was in high school, I have always worn these kind of shirts as skirts….


BONUS! They are so easy to make. Well ok you don’t really make them, you….foggydress_teeskirt4Voila! Easy way to double the wardrobe. Now I can enjoy a real California summer. XOXO

hugs, hanalei.

chiffon loose-fit blouse + tutorial

foggydress_chiffon I was in Mill Valley yesterday, just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge (that’s where these photos were taken). Mill Valley is the only other city in Northern California (besides SF) that I would love love love  to live out the rest of my days in. It is a charming, slow-paced town, tucked away in the redwood forest that engulfs Marin County. Real estate is not cheap here, but a girl can dream…

foggydress_chiffon2Three yards of this fabric only cost me $2 in Hong Kong, and with a little sewing & creativity, I surprisingly love how it turned out! It’s loose fitting enough to be comfy, and sheer enough to show off your curves. I also love the length. Since I have a big booty that sticks out like a blonde girl in China, I like to cover it up whenever I can 🙂

foggydress_chiffon3I also love the contrast of wearing white under black chiffon because it shows off the sheer and sleek beauty of the fabric. Can you tell that I really love chiffon yet? I mean…check out my wedding dress:

foggydress_chiffonwedding…it’s draped in the stuff!!!

foggydress_chiffon4 I’m going to be honest with you though…this is not the best tutorial! If you can’t already tell, I am a beginner-level sewing girl who has all these designs in her head, but doesn’t know the proper way to actually make them. I thought sewing a sleeve on would be a cinch, but it was not! After an hour of just trying to get the sleeve on right, I finally figured it out. But by that time I was exhausted and frustrated and did not take any pictures of the process. Use an actual sleeve pattern if you want to spend less time figuring it out! Maybe once I’ve got it down, I’ll do a tutorial on it. It really isn’t so bad once  you know how to do it!  keep reading for tutorial…

in the making: a black chiffon something

I have a few yards of silky black chiffon sitting in a soft pile next to me. I picked it up in when I was in Hong Kong, from an old man selling lots of other cheap fabric. This chiffon just called out to me! I knew I had to take it home and make something delicious out of it. Here are a few things that are inspiring me for this project:


^^Photo by kasia

DBD15D943E64371946FF5F235D1A3C ^^Photo by via

image1xl ^^Photo by asos

I think I want to go with a loose & baggy top shirt…I would love to make a skirt or dress out of it too, but that will have to come later (when I actually know how to make a skirt/dress). I’ll be sure to put up pictures of what I come up with!

DIY: denim vest


I am trying to find an outfit for the Chipotle: Cultivate Festival  held in Golden Gate Park this Saturday. There will be music (Mayor Hawthorne, Matt Costa, Walk the Moon, etc) and tastes from local chef’s & restaurants. Are you going?? I decided that I needed a denim vest for the event, so I cut off the sleeves of this old denim jacket (that I hardly ever wear):


denim-vest4(This is a no-brainer DIY, but I thought I’d show you what I did anyhow…!)If you have a short sleeved/long sleeved denim jacket that you feel like turning into a vest, just cut about an inch away from the seam line and…that’s it! I didn’t sew the ends because eventually (after I wash it a few times) I want the ends to fray.

hugs, hanalei

re-fashioned safari dress + hello weekend


I am literally running out the door as I write this! I’m working on my time management… Anyway, have a fabulous weekend! The sun is shining out here in SF, so I might be down at the beach for the next few days 🙂 Hope you love how this dress turned out, as much as I do! I will definitely wear it 1 or 2 (or 3-4) times in China. I leave in 10 days, guys!!! I caaaaann’t wait.      hugs, hanalei.

browndress IMG_6727
Do you like the new gold buttons?? There were 14 buttons on this dress….it took forever to sew them all on! (PS see the “before” pictures of what the dress looked like, here.) Thanks to Liz at Cotton+Curls for all the tips!