Packing up the Season

foggydress_lights The Christmas tree is down, and lights are put away. When I was helping someone put up their lights in early December, I pulled them out of a big box full of lights and they were all wrapped in balls! It was so easy to get them out! Not tangles, no endless strands… So if any of you out there are like me and just taking your decorations down, try wrapping your lights in balls like this, if you haven’t tried it already. You’ll be thanking me come next December.

That’s all for now… have a great one!

hugs, hanalei.

Ten Movies to Watch Before Christmas

foggydress_christmastree We put up our humble little 3 ft Christmas tree this weekend. Since we left all our ornaments and lights at our flat in San Francisco, I borrowed a few stands of these big-bulbed, colorful lights and somehow it is perfect to me. We picked ours up at Home Depot (I know, not as romantic as a Christmas tree lot) because 1.) It was cheaper and 2.) They bundled all the branches up with string so it fit easily into my back seat (which is now covered with pine needles btw).

We also kicked off our Christmas movie marathon with Home Alone II! A tradition that I started this year and have yet to inform my husband about. Every Friday night in December we’ll watch a Classic Christmas movie. That only allows 3 movies until Christmas, but I’ll throw in watching one on Christmas Eve (hey I’m making up the tradition as I write, ok). I really want to start more Christmas traditions so when the kids come along, they’ll already be in full swing. Like my cousin who has a tradition of buying a new Christmas CD every year. What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? I need ideas.

Here’s a list of about 10 movies (in no particular order) to choose from. Am I missing any good ones?

      1. Home Alone II: Lost in New York
      2. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation ( I know this one is in all of ya’lls Netflix ques)
      3. ELF …because who doesn’t love this scene??
    1. A Christmas Story (“you’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”)
    2. The Polar Express
    3. Home Alone ( What happened to Macaulay Culkin? And what kind of name is Macaulay??)
    4. A Charlie Brown Christmas
    5. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (The 1964 claymation one!)
    6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas –with Jim Carrey
    7. The Santa Claus –with Tim Allen (a childhood Christmas favorite of mine)

DIY: Painted Jars … they make great holiday center pieces!

foggydress_jars This tutorial comes via request from one my readers, Kate. I decided to paint a few old pickle jars, and she wanted a tutorial so…here you go! Do-It-Yourself spray painted old bottle & jars.

foggydress_jarsfoggydress_jars Supplies:

  • Spray paint: You can choose any color (obviously) but  I chose gold…mostly because that’s the only color I have!
  • Painter’s tape, any size
  • A glass bottle/jar

foggydress_jars1. Clean off any stickers or jars. I did this by soaking this old olive jar in water. MAKE SURE to place sticker face down in water. Soak for 20-30 mins or longer, depending on sticker size. Rub off excess stickiness under running water, and use Goo-gone if necessary.

2. Decorate your Jar! I used painter’s tape, and cut up little un-even strips. Get creative… I loved lines and uneven spacing when decorating these jars. foggydress_jars 3. Spray paint away!foggydress_jars 4. Carefully peel off tape

foggydress_jars I also decided to jazz up a few of my old coke bottles…they make great center pieces for the holiday! Just follow steps 1-5 above.foggydress_jarsfoggydress_jarsfoggydress_jarsfoggydress_jarsfoggydress_jars Hope you enjoy these, and decide to NEVER throw away another glass jar again!

hugs, hanalei

holiday shopping

foggydress_daiso I know, lots of phone pictures lately… I promise to break out the big boy lens soon. Today I went out to run some errands, specifically the stack-up-on-holiday-treats-at-trader-joes errand. I love their peppermint chocolate pretzels… so much so that I only bought one bag (self control).

I have a few projects to post about over these next few weeks, so be on the look out! Creating things is very therapeutic for me, so I have many projects lined up. My brother is also helping me create a better blog layout for the new year, so lots of new-ness to look forward to at foggy dress. 🙂

One of the reasons I really like living in Chino Hills is, of course, all the shopping. They have every kind of clothing/home decor/food shops a girl could ask for. I mean, they just opened up a brand new Daiso down the street!  foggydress_daisofoggydress_daiso

foggydress_daiso Please tell me you’ve all been to a Daiso?! If the above photos aren’t adorbs enough for you to go, then consider all they have to offer: japanese hair ties, bows, dishes, towels, baggies, candies, socks, etc. Almost everything is $1.50! Super chic Japanese fashion & style at a super low cost.

Just look at these socks I found! <3<3<3

foggydress_daiso  No, Diaso did not sponsor this post… I wish. I’m still waiting for that day…

So, check out the store and let me know what you find.

hugs, hanalei