One Pretty Ride

We found some amazing hills to bike around at Chino Hills State Park, you should try it out some time! It wasn’t too hard of a course, and I didn’t get too scared going down those hills. We rode for over two hours and were absolutely exhausted at the end of it. But, it was all worth it for that sunset! Thanks to a few answered prayers, we made it back to the car just before the last glimpse of light disappeared beyond the hills. Hope you’re enjoying a fun filled Christmas vacay too! foggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohills IMG_606foggydress_mtnbike_chinohills3foggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohills I make it look so easy…  HA well this was just the beginning!foggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohills^^ We may have gotten a little lost… good thing GPS still works out here!


foggydress_mtnbike_chinohills^^ that’s just one of a few hills I just had to hop off my bike and walk up… it was so steep!




foggydress_mtnbike_chinohillsfoggydress_mtnbike_chinohills hugs, hanalei

Hello weekend


You guys, I just love fitness classes. It gets me out the door at different times of the day and makes me work my but off! The only class I’m still iffy about is my yoga class. Granted, I’ve only gone once since getting my gym membership a few weeks ago…but this teacher was sort of yelling at us. In a gentle-pushy-voice-sort-of-way. Like, “Reach, reach, reach, reeeaacchhh! You’re not reaching! You gotta reach!” I was thinking in my head, “What do you think we’re all doing!?” I just didn’t feel relaxed, and at the end of class I was ready to go. I think I’ll try a different teacher next week.

Have a great weekend! We’ll be spending ours with family and my cute baby nephew.

PS–My friend recommended a great app that you’re probably all using already…tracks your periods and ovulation, and other stuff. Just in case you wanted to track that sort of thing… (also find it on itunes) 

let’s workout: getting my first gym membership, yipee!


Remember when I had a mini workout room in SF? And miles of breathtaking parks with enchanted Redwood forests (see above) to run through? Sadly, I no longer have either of those things. I found a nice running path last week, but there are no trees to shade me, and the sun just leaves me dripping in sweat. Not that I’m complaining about So Cal weather, because I love it! But when Austin’s school offered a huge discount for LA fitness, I went ahead and got my very first gym membership. Here’s to getting more workouts squeezed into my week!

hugs, hanalei

PS-If you’re reading this at 8:30 am, I am most likely in my first ever cycling class…I hope I come out alive.

Photos of me: by Liz Stanely
Outfit from Old Navy

hello weekend

Who is that super ripped girl with the huge biceps?
workout Yeah, that’s me. But wait–I’m neither of those things (oops). I am getting stronger, though! As for my getting out of winter hibernation goals, I have been doing…. just okay. Let’s be honest, going from running a few times a month to working out 5 days a week is going to be a slow transition. And by the way I felt really silly taking this picture (do you like my serious workout face?) but I can’t write a post without a picture, right??

On the upside, I have been consistently doing strength training once maybe twice a week. As for aerobic exercise…it’s been (again) once maybe twice a week thing.If you’re like me and trying to get motivated to get fit/stronger, I would say… just start with doing something at least once a week, and work up from there. I hope to keep on improving because rock climbing season is knocking at the door, and after yesterday’s  outdoor climb, my whole body aches.

This weekend we’re heading down south for a quick camping/backpacking/climbing trip with another couple who climbs. We’ll be in Redwood heaven so I’ve GOT to take my camera along.

Have a busy/low key/eventful/creative/healthy/mellow kind of weekend, wherever you are.

work out: at the japanese tea gardens

Running is the best way to see the details of wherever you are. Here in San Francisco, details are in abundance and it’s easy to miss the many  treasures that are hidden in this bustling city. The park is just 2 blocks away from my flat, so there will be many future posts about all the treasures hidden there.

Enter the Japanese gardens, where nature and architecture take you into another culture and century.

blog tea garden2 The gardens are located about central Golden Gate Park. There is free admission if you enter before/at 10 am on Mon/Wed/Fri.

IMG_3891 IMG_3895

IMG_3908For me, running has been a great way to see the sights & get a work out for both my mind and body; I really believe that the mind+body+spirit is connected and that exercising does more than just physical fitness.

blog tea garden

blog tea garden1

So you can say that running is a way to knock out two birdies with out stone: getting a great work out and sight seeing your city. Do you have any beautiful places near you, that you love to run at? Do share.

hugs, hanalei