let’s: get physical {round 2}

Remember this post? Well. I found a new pair of running shoes (see below), coming in at $39.99 from Big 5. I saw this EXACT pair at Nordstrom Rack for $60. I am no longer ashamed to shop at Big 5! Also, I got some hot pink running shorts (see middle pic below) at a Nike outlet outside of Vegas (you know which one I’m talking about!) for like $5. Ladies, I feel a lot more motivated to work out when I’m sporting something flashy (it also helps that cars can see me & not run me over).


This post is mostly to myself, so if  you want you can stop reading now.

Alright winter hibernation is OVER, and I need to tone it down on the sweets and tone it UP with the exercise. Besides, I currently don’t have dental insurance (long story) so I cannot afford a cavity people!


Pictured above is me warming up in my tiny little gym, before lifting (yeah, baby!) and running in the chilly city weather. I realize that a year ago (when I lived in Utah) I would not be attempting this until all the snow melted in April. But now that I’m in California…

These are more or less my anti-winter-hibernation-get-ready-for-spring goals:

  1. get strong, girl. My husband and I are rock climbers (he more than me, but I’m getting there!) so in anticipation for that (and bathing suit season) I need to get some more muscle! So I a lifting some little weights. So far I can do 4 REAL push-ups. Yeah!
  2. get my aerobic in. Biking to get the groceries, running through Golden Gate Park (so picturesque), or playing tennis (there are courts in almost every park here!), whatever it is, I need to get my aerobic in 4-5 times a week.
  3. eat carbs, Mmm. What? I need the energy…


Is anyone with me??? I really need to do this, especially since I just ate 1/2  a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.