DIY: Oversized Valentine’s Photo Booth Props

foggydress_Vday Is this kiss big enough for you?? HA. I am in charge of a Valentine’s Party at my church, and I really wanted a photo booth. And you can’t have a photo booth without props! So I made ginormous ones because I think they’re kind of funny and over-the-top, and that’s jus the sort of thing a party needs. These pictures were taken in St. George, UT in the neighborhood where my in-laws live. Those rocks were so pretty, I had to use them as backdrops!

foggydress_Vday Of course AKG thought this ^^ was for tick tack toe…no silly! Hugs and kisses. ^^
foggydress_Vdayfoggydress_Vdayfoggydress_Vday Gotta have a pretty picture frame. ^^


  • Scissors
  • Pencil & eraser
  • Colored poster board paper (I got mine at Walmart for $0.33-$0.95 each). Get the stiffest you can get without it actually being poster board.
  • If you want, you can add glitter or spray paint them …whatever your hear desires 🙂

Click through for the tutorial!


  •  Get some printer/scratch paper that’s about 8×10.
  • We’re going to use this for our prep drawings before drawing them on the big posters. Feel free to make whatever designs you like, or copy mine! I don’t super duper love perfect lines, so I did most of these free-hand drawing. If drawing free-hand isn’t your thing…recruit a friend who’s got it down.


  • Sketch out each paper as if it was the colored poster paper. Fit as many or as few pictures on it, as you like!


  • Now we’re going to transfer our designs onto the poster paper. For the frame I wanted straight lines, so I used the edge of another poster since I didn’t have a super long ruler handy. Sketch away, and erase any design mistakes!
  • If you prefer a certain side (front or back) then be sure and sketch on the opposite side, so you can just flip if over when you’re finished drawing.
  • Remember to peel off any stickers first (the little ones with the bar code on the back).

The drawings are pretty self explanatory (you should be able to draw them from looking at the pictures of them in the beginning of the post), but here are a few tips for getting some of the details down:


  •  To get both frames down (I wanted to use the inside-cut heart so I wanted to be careful when cutting the frame out!) I used a sharp steak knife and carefully punctured a slit in the direction I wanted to cut
  • then I slipped scissors into the slit & cut away.


  •  To get the end of the arrow, I first cut out the arrow, leaving the end in a big pentagonal shape (see first picture above).
  • Then I cut little quarter-inch slits.
  • Next, I cut those quarter inch slits in half to create a gap in the arrow feather ends.
  • I did that to both sides, and then cut out the end, triangular piece.

All done!

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