DIY: Fake a Headband

foggydress_headband Does anyone else get head aches when they wear headbands? I hardly ever wear them because they’re not worth the pain I get! If you have the same problem, just fake it like I do. I usually like to wear these when my hair is up in a bun, but they work great with your hair down–totally pain free! Thanks Mackenzie, for being my pretty model! Keep reading for the tutorial.


  1. Find a good head.
  2. Find any piece of material, be it cloth, ribbon, or this golden goodness I found in the craft section of Joann’s. Measure it from ear to ear, plus about 1/2 an inch.
  3.  Cut!

foggydress_headband Now pull a top section of your hair back so you can secure the end pieces of material to your hair. Bobbi pins or snap clips great. FYI- I would use more than 2 bobbi pins (as pictured above) because the hair slips out too easily!

foggydress_headband You can now enjoy wearing your headband all day long, without having to take an aspirin. Hurray!

hugs, hanalei.

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