10 Cool Plants I Want in my Home

foggydress_plants Happy 2014 Ya’ll! I’m in Texas right now, can you tell…? We’ll be here for a few more days, visiting family and sight seeing and lounging around watching all the Harry Potter movies. Oh and eating tons of yummy food. One of the highlights of our trip so far, besides seeing my adorable little nephew, was visiting the Dallas World Aquarium. There were SO MANY PLANTS and I wanted them all in my home!foggydress_plants Here is my top 10 favorite plants that might potentially end up in my house some day. If I lived in a tropical rainforest. Or in a green house.
foggydress_plants1. This plant, with the super long roots. I was just walking along…when BAM! I ran into something! then I looked up and saw… foggydress_plants

foggydress_plants The roots were hanging everywhere and I loved it. See the other 9, and a sweet picture of a manatee, after the page break!foggydress_plants 2. These cool, big air plants that just sit in moss and can go anywhere…foggydress_plants foggydress_plants …even on top of trash cans! ^^foggydress_plants 3. This plant that kinda looks like a Christmas Cactus ( I don’t know the correct names of them all, sorry!)foggydress_plants 4. This big leaf plant, that can shade you and protect you from bird poo! ^^
foggydress_plants 5. This ^^ striped plantfoggydress_plants 6. This plant that has a cool, printed design ^^foggydress_plants 7. Look at the pretty different sized leaves on this tree! ^^foggydress_plants8. I love this plant, poking out from the right side ^^
foggydress_plants 9. I love the skinny leaves ^^foggydress_plants 10. And I love these spiky ones!foggydress_plants foggydress_plants foggydress_plants super monkey mustache! ^^foggydress_plants Petting ginormous fish^^…through the glass…foggydress_plants foggydress_plants foggydress_plants The manatee, posing for a picture with AKG ^^

hugs, hanalei.


4 thoughts on “10 Cool Plants I Want in my Home

  1. I’m proud of myself, I can identify at least two of the plants on your list besides the air plants! No. 6 is a Praying Hands Plant and are quite commonly found at gardening centers, and no. 9 is a Mimosa Tree. My personal favorite variety of Mimosa is a Chocolate Mimosa Tree, which has beautiful red brown foliage. Oh, and no. 4 is an Elephant Ear but I’m not sure on the variety. That makes three for me, yay!

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