Do-It-Yourself: Clock

foggydress_diy_clockfoggydress_diy_clock It took a while but I finally DIY’ed my clock! I asked you which type of clock I should make and the top vote was the SFO/LAX one. Since we just moved from San Francisco (SFO airport!) and now live in Los Angeles (LAX airport!) it is perfect for this home of California lovers.

foggydress_diy_clockI changed up the design from this one I found onlineIt was so easy to make all my dreams come true thanks to my friend Brooke (and Chris) at The Wood Junkies. They have a crazy machine that cuts wood into any design your heart desires! They have some really cool designs up already, but if there’s something specific you want just email them. They were so good at working with me and understanding/creating exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend them! 

Follow these steps for a similar SFO/LAX clock you can make yourself… after the jump!


  •  First thing is to get your design made. Mine came to like this ^^ and my head was spinning with endless possibilities!
  • Once you have it in your hands, you can pick out the clock mechanisms. I picked mine up at Jo Ann’s, but you can look online too, like here.
  • When you have all that, it’s time to make it come alive!


  1.  Test colors on the back of your clock. The front and sides of the wood were sanded down smooth, while the back was more textured. Still the color will hold all the same, front or back. I ended up mixing two types of Acrylic paint shades of blue because the spray paint I originally bought was horrible (luckily I tried it out on a brown paper bag first–it was spotty and splattered all over!). foggydress_diy_clockfoggydress_diy_clock
  2. If you’re doing two tones/colors, paint the lighter color first. I wanted the inside to be a light sparkly gold-ish color, and since the sides were the hardest to paint, I could be as messy as I wanted. The blue hue painted over it no problem (I tested it out on the back of the clock to make sure).foggydress_diy_clockfoggydress_diy_clock
  3. Paint away!
  4. Let it dry.foggydress_diy_clock
  5. I waited only a few hours before installing the clock hands.

foggydress_diy_clockfoggydress_diy_clock foggydress_diy_clock I’m still trying to figure out if I want to hang it on my wall or keep it on the table. To be honest I like both, so maybe I’ll just have to switch it back and forth, like every other day light savings time? ANYway…going off on tangents again…. hope this inspires you to get creative and make a clock that you love. Cause I love mine. Thanks again Brooke!!foggydress_diy_clock hugs, hanalei

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