DIY: How to Reupholster Your Chair + Tutorial


My friend is not afraid of dumpster diving (well she says technically it was next to the dumpster). She somehow got her husband to help haul away these 4 pretty, distressed chairs from the trash the hands of some other DIY savvy gal. We found the reupholster job to be quite simple, with the help of an Aunt, a dad, and Joann’s.

All you need are: foggydress_chair

My friend Anna found her fabric at Joann’s (always use a coupon), but you could use any pretty fabric that you like, as long as it’s a sturdy cloth. We chose to cover over the old fabric, rather than ripping it off.foggydress_chair

Staple one side, and then it’s opposite. Grab another set of hands to help you pull the fabric really tight.



foggydress_chair foggydress_chair

foggydress_chairA vast improvement in only a few simple steps!


foggydress_chair foggydress_chairNow grab a book and have a good read in your pretty reupholstered chair.

Thanks Anna, for the steps and vintage chairs!

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