Make a DRESS from a BIG TEE! + tutorial

foggydress_tee I’m going to be honest here. I love big, oversized tees and sweaters. My PJ’s are just some extra-large printed shirts that I found at the GAP for $5. I sometimes run little errands in them and hope that I don’t run into anyone I know (so far I’ve had great luck with that!). So when I saw this big tee at Walmart for only $3, I of course wanted it for some new bedtime attire. Then I thought, why not sew it into something that is super comfy, but can be “dressed up” (so glad hight waisted belts are in!) so I can actually wear it in public??

foggydress_tee Here’s a fun tutorial on how to DIY your very own Big Tee Dress. Feel free to snooze in it all night long, and then run out to the grocery store in the morning. No one will ever know!



  1.  Find a sleeveless blouse to use as a pattern, or use a regular shirt with sleeves. Pin along the edge of the sleeves, from the top  all the way down the tee.
  2. Cut an inch wider than the pin line, until the sleeves and excess fabric are cut off.

foggydress_tee     3.   Pin & cut the tee at your waist line, so you now have 2 pieces.

     4.   Cut off excess fabric from the sleeves, then cut the sleeve in half

     5.   Lay sleeve open, then measure & cut straight lines to form a rectangle (I just eye-balled it…!)

foggydress_tee     6.   You should now have 3 pieces, with the “front” and “back” layers on top of each other. The rectangle (that used to be the sleeves) can go in the middle (as pictured above) or you can add it to the bottom, in which case you didn’t need to cut the tee at the waist line.

foggydress_tee and…
foggydress_tee Pin a curvy (but not too form-fitting, or it won’t be comfy) border, starting 5 or 6 inches from the top (this will be left opened for the sleeves) all the way to the bottom of the dress. You can cut off excess or surge the ends. Voila!

foggydress_tee A super comfy tee to wear, when it’s hot outside and you’re not in the mood to really “get dressed.” Enjoy!

hugs, hanalei

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