dress: for summer heat



One thing that’s been killing me lately is the HEAT! Once you leave the easy-breezy peninsula of San Francisco in the summer, everywhere else is SO. DANG. HOT. Since we’ve left SF, it’s been at least 108 degrees just about everywhere we’ve gone (except at the cabin, of course). The only upside to this heat wave is that I get to wear breezy summer dresses all day, everyday. This denim one is perfect because it’s stiff enough that it doesn’t cling to my sticky, sweaty skin (gross visual, sorry). I really miss the fog and coolness of SF.


Oh yeah, did you know….I am in So Cal right now…. and have been for a few days?? But– I am not soaking up the sunny beaches like I wish I was.

No, no. Instead of hanging out on the Santa Monica Pier, or hitting up Disneyland (or something else really really cool), I am actually:
IMG_2035 Yep, I’ve been here for like 3 days now and all we’ve done is go from appointment to appointment looking at apartment/condos near my husband’s future graduate school. Just when we found the perfect place, with the right cost, neighborhood, and distance from his school, the owner’s tell us we just barely submitted an application after another couple. GAh. So now we are staying an extra day looking like crazy, for anything! We still need to go back to San Fran to pack up (tears!!) and then off to my brother’s wedding in Utah (we just were there! sheesh), and move into our new place, all before the end of the month. Wish us luck tomorrow guys…we really need it.

hugs, hanalei.

Fabric and more travels…


I am just driving all over the place it seems. And everywhere I go, I take pictures and think of things I can say and write here…and life just speeds up until I finally decide to whip out my phone and write up a post before I forget it all.

I found these two shirts at a thrift store, and knew right away that they had amazing potential. I think I’ll make some HoBags out of them and do my first giveaway…?? What do you think?

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo hanalei

exploring part II: into the caves

foggydress_caves1foggydress_caves5Caves are cool (pun intended) getaways to hot, dry dessert days. The first cave we explored was an ice cave…I guess this used to be the perfect place for travelers and pioneers to store their food, since the ice never fully melted.

foggydress_caves The rock inside this cave was absolutely gorgeous!foggydress_caves4foggydress_caves6foggydress_caves2We dived into several caves…don’t forget your flashlight!foggydress_caves8
foggydress_caves7 This last cave we explored was damp and dark. What happened was, long ago hot lava used to run through tubes of an ancient volcano. What’s been left behind are these dark, endless caves formed in volcanic rock. IMG_1663foggydress_caves9Even with a flashlight, you couldn’t see much! My little nieces and nephews were beside themselves with excitement…not even as scared as I was…foggydress_caves11foggydress_caves12foggydress_caves13 Hope you’re having lots of explorations wherever you are!   ~hugs, hanalei

exploring: the wild west

foggydress_ww We’ve been on the road for the past few days, and now we’re staying at my husband’s family’s cabin in Utah, aka the wild wild west.
foggydress_ww8foggydress_ww2foggydress_ww7This ^^ was my babe’s #OOTD. He is so cute when he gets into his wilderness gear!foggydress_ww9foggydress_ww23foggydress_ww4foggydress_ww5foggydress_ww6We are hiking, sliding, and sweating our way to the 4th of July. My sister in-law & family are staying at the cabin too. She is adventurous and smart and has adorable 1/4 Asian kiddos. I love them.

Independence Day is one of my favorite American holidays. No matter where in the world I am on that day, I recognize the freedoms my country (no matter how imperfect) affords me. I can’t wait for the fireworks!