Hello weekend, let’s go exploring!


A few weeks ago we went rock climbing above the bay, and it was one of the clearest days we’ve had all summer. This weekend we’ll be off in the endless climbing areas around Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah. I’m literally writing this in the car, as we drive through Tahoe. I can’t wait to see some of my friends and family! My baby brother has been living with us, and I’ve loved it. It’ll be nice to see my second eldest brother in Utah, since he’s getting married soon!


I’m reading Mindy’s book and it is just about as hilarious as her Tv show, The Mindy Project! If you aren’t a regular viewer of the show, you need to change that Asap. Just make sure you pee before watching it or you may have wet pants by the end of the show.

Let’s recap: I’ll be climbing, camping, reading, and chilling with the family. Life is good!

What are your pre-fourth-of-July weekend plans ?

6 thoughts on “Hello weekend, let’s go exploring!

  1. wow that climbing pic is awesoooome. you are a serious climber. and mindy is so cool! i read that book a couple months ago. she’s such a normal celeb. hope i get to seeeee yooou!

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