weekend wardrobe: a chilly festival

IMG_0764It was windy & chilly; a typical San Francisco summer day, in Golden Gate Park! But none the less, the Chipotle Cultivate Festival was delicious and hilarious, AND I sure did learn a lot! Buying local-grown, fresh food seemed to be the take-away message. That, and…don’t ever leave home without your trusty magenta Northface windbreaker (and a scarf)! You never know (or in the case of SF locals–you always know) when a chilly wind will come.

June Chipotle Cultivate Festival ALso, who in the whole world can say no to free, ^^ fresh guacamole??? No man can, I say.


June Chipotle Cultivate Festival2 I had real, live, amazing cooking lessons from a few of Food Networks finest …granted my girl Buffie was the real foodie fan, but she filled me in enough to have me appreciate being in the presence of the Richard Blais! Guys, I am excited about cooking…even if I can’t recreate his (virgin) “frozen margarita’s”!

June Chipotle Cultivate Festival1Also, if any of you know me at all, you know that the hi-light of the day was……^^ hitting up the Tobasco tent!!

IMG_0768 Little brother ^^

IMG_0739 It wouldn’t be a festival in SF without some jammin’ tunes ^^ (free!).

l Early bird get’s the worm…or in my case, ^^ SKIPS THE LINES!!

IMG_0770Hope you’re weekend was equally awesome and delicious!June Chipotle Cultivate Festival3 hugs, hanalei.

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