Taiwan: never goodbye, always “再見!” (see you again!)


My typical, rainy day outfit here in Taiwan: shorts and a tee covered by a cheap, plastic-bag-ish, 50 cent poncho. I can’t stand wearing a thicker one because then you just sweat in it! (thanks for the photo bomb, Chris! I think he really wanted to make it on the blog…)IMG_8225

I took like 2,000 pictures guys…I wanted to share them all with you, but that would be ridiculous…IMG_85671,600 steps to the top! The sweat was just pouring off me…yuck.

taiwan2taiwan4HELLO KITTY EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

IMG_7610Asians love Mickey & Minnie for some reason. I almost wanted to buy these:

IMG_8481Night Markets!!! Infamously good. Yummy food and pretty clothes! It’s like a carnival on the street, every single night.

IMG_7643IMG_7702This morning I ate 2 mangos for breakfast…the fruit is so ripe and delicious, we eat it almost every day.

IMG_8233IMG_8248Visiting a few touristy places…

IMG_8340IMG_8434And of course seeing the beautiful LDS Temple in Taipei.

hugs, hanalei

4 thoughts on “Taiwan: never goodbye, always “再見!” (see you again!)

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  2. I LOVE YOUR BLOG HANA!!!!! I love your style, your travels, desire for adventure and your nifty DIY projects! Please update so I can follow everyday!!!!! 🙂 have fun & keep in touch!

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