foggy prints: mama’s day cards

IMG_6898I’ve started to notice that I’m getting quite a few international readers on the blog (Albania, Croatia, Turkey, Australia…)(!) so I’ll try to adjust my writing a bit, for them 🙂

Mother’ Day is a few weeks away, here in America. I’m usually the kind of person who puts things in the mail 2 days before the holiday/birthday/celebration. But not this year! I got an early start because I’m super on top of things…okay not really, I just have to get them out before I leave (in 5 days!) for China…

mothers day ka

I just love making my own cards. Sometimes most of the time I don’t get it right the first time around, so it’s usually the second or third card that comes out just right.

mothers day ka1 So if my mama or mama-in-law are reading this…I guess you get a sneak peek into what you’ll be getting in the mail next week!

hugs, hanalei.


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