DIY: widen your pants! tutorial

You know when you go thrift store shopping and you find your favorite brand of jeans for only $7, BUT they’re two sizes too small?? So you try them on anyway because you just never know, and as you’re putting them on you know they’ll fit perfect…and they do except–they just won’t button. So you get them anyways, thinking you’ll just put a hair tie around the button and loop it through the hole? Well my thrift-shopping pal, Liz Bryson from Cotton+Curls, would have none of that. A few seams ripped, cut, and a new piece sewn in and you have the comfiest jeans in the world. She patiently taught me this trick to making any pair of pants fit perfectly.
photography & instruction tips by the fab girl, Liz Bryson
^that is her chubby cheek, sky-blue eyed baby boy… that I can’t get enough of! 
  • tight pants
  • extra strong material (I used denim but you can use something patterned and fun)
  • thread that matches the topstitch on your jeans (I used a beige color) 
  • seam ripper
  • sewing machine (obviously!)
  1. Try on pants, and determine how many inches need to be added to the waistband. Do this by measuring the gap between your button and button hole.
  2. Seam rip your side seams 2 to 4 inches down, and your waistband 4 to 5 inches apart.
  3. Now cut the waistband, aligning it with your seam rippedside seam. 
  4. Cut your extra piece of denim to match your measurements, then cut that piece in half. Give 1 inch seam allowance for each piece (that extra piece will look like sewn in piece on image 6).
  5. Pin & sew the piece of denim, right side together (the top side of your jean with the top side of the denim piece), to one end of the gap in your waistband.
  6. Take the other end of the same denim piece, and pin & sew to the other end of the cut waistband, joining the two ends together. 
  7. Fold new piece back down in half, and align with how the waistband was before. Iron the new waistband edges under mimicking the old waistband, so they fold nice and flat aligning with the old waistband.
  8.  Add a square piece of fabric behind the V shaped opening between the newly opened side seams.
  9.  Pin under the newly opened side seams, so the raw edges are hidden, creating a “V”, lining them up with the newly sewn waistband piece’s seams.
   10.  Now slide the newly inserted fabric and the pinned under side seams in between the opening of the waist band (try to get it to line up with the newly added waistband’s seams). Pin closed.
  11.  Topstitch everything closed, including the top of the waistband, the edge of the waistband, and where the side seams are now. Mimic how the jeans topstitch. You can make the thread match the thread of the jeans, sometimes its a dark blue, sometimes its a yellow, but you don’t have to.
And there you have it! I don’t mind the mis-matching denim colors…I actually love it. But in any case, that part will likely be covered, so don’t fret if everything doesn’t quite match. Hope this will change your life, like it did mine!
hugs, hanalei.

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