hello weekend + my nose has been stuck in a book


Ah the weekend is here at last. My big brother & his girlfriend are coming to visit for Easter weekend and I am REALLY excited. We will hopefully get stand-by tickets for one of  the sold-out Alcatraz tours, and eat some really good food like  Shanghai Dumpling House.

Also, I’m currently paying 10 cents (per day) of late fees, just so I can finish this *book, “Call the Midwife” (also known as The Midwife). A few months back, a friend recommended it to me, and I went straight to the library to check it out…but there were 13 people on the “waiting” list already. SO. I signed up anyway, and sort of forgot about it. Then when they emailed me a few weeks ago, I was so excited! Except that after I checked it out, I had a crazy overload week and a half, and did not even pick it up. Now it is 2 days over due (I can’t renew it b/c there are too many people who’ve placed it on hold!), but I am just 100 pages away from finishing it. I think I can afford the 20 cents.

I hope you have a great weekend, full of noses stuck in books, brothers coming to visit, or whatever else you have planned :)Eat some carrot cake for Easter! I ended up buying one from Costco instead of making one, because it just looked so dang delicious. And I’m kind of lazy.

*If you want to read this book, I should say that while I very much enjoy it and am learning lots, I did have to skip chapters “Cable Street” and “Cafe Life” simply because they were too sad for my little heart (and pretty graphic). Let’s just say those chapters were about birth, a poor girl, and life in the brothels.

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